Bharati Gokhale



Even as a 5-year-old, I knew I wanted to work with patients just like my mother who is a RN and my uncle who is a pediatrician. I always wanted to be a caregiver just like them. Due to extreme competition in India, I could not get the admission in medical college.  So, I enrolled in PT school as that was my second option. That really changed my life.

After graduation, as a Physical Therapist, I was able to apply for a job in the US. My profession truly opened up the world for me. After I settled in my new life in the completely new country, I pursued further education and completed my Masters in 1997.  Being a physical therapist gave me an opportunity to have a balance in my career and family life. It also allowed me to work in many different areas in the health industry. My own personal experiences with high-risk pregnancies made me more aware of a substantial need for physical therapy care in Women’s health. Women’s health issues and pelvic health care has now become my passion. I went back to school to get my doctorate in physical therapy and became a board-certified Women’s health therapist. Now, I have started my own practice (Symbiotic Wellness), and I have joined this integrative medicine practice: Lotus Center. I treat my patients using PT techniques as well as my other passion, Yoga.

I had my first Yoga teacher training in India even before I became a PT (in 1990). But I started using yoga in my practice when I started working with patients with pelvic floor issues (about 14 years back). Now, I have completed 500 hours of Yoga Teacher training in the US. I believe when we combine physical therapy concepts with a personal yoga practice, it takes us a little closer to achieving our goals of self-healing through breath and the mind-body connection.

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