Veronica (Vir) Schwegman




Veronica (Vir) Schwegman felt at home in nature from the moment she was born, she experiences this as the purest manifestation of Spirit on earth. Vir shares her inspiration with kindness, compassion, strength, and joy.

During her life, that started in Italy and continued in the Netherlands, Vir learned methods of translating Spirit for herself and others. She connects with higher realms through sound, including gong baths and intuitive singing, also through kundalini yoga, writing poetry, sharing rituals, nature experiences and one-on-one guided sessions. By experiencing these modalities, Vir touches hearts and leads practitioners to a remembering of the essence of self.

In her daily life Vir is nourished by cold water meditations, surfing, hikes, messages of nature, Andes shamanism and, of course, the wisdom of other people. Vir is a graduate of Indra Yoga Institute’s 300-hour advanced yoga training and has served in a support facilitator role. She is grateful and humbled to facilitate this powerful work.

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