Rach Mellican
Byron Bay

Rach’s teaching journey began in Rishikesh India and has taken her all over Asia and Australia, predominantly now teaching in Melbourne and NSW, Australia.

Her classes comprise of a beautiful balance of dynamic movements, strength and fluidity with her passion residing in energetic alignment, whilst promoting safety and stability in the physical body.


Her teachings stem from many renowned facilitators, mentors and above all, her deep devotion to self-study.


As a trained and experienced nurse, Rach’s caring and gentle nature shows through her teachings; as does her knowledge of the human body.


Rach hosts and facilitates Yoga, Wellness and Sound Retreats all over Australia and is now preparing to Co-facilitate her first 200hr with her business partner, in Queensland Australia, October 2021. Check out her business page at www.shantayayogatraining.com


“I practice yoga for one reason and that is to live harmoniously in the complete embodiment of Satcitananda, to connect to the sacred. I then share to simply ripple these teachings to the collective, in hopes to spread light and spaciousness to all beings. Let’s unite. Love Rach.


Aham Prema 💖

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