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More About Janani

Raised in The Garden of the Gods in Colorado, Jananī experienced most of her life in close relation to nature where Native Americans still lived and treated the land as sacred—which is possibly what gives her a particular centered earthiness, and peaceful, loving nature. She walks with a deep reverence for life and for all beings.

She grew up practicing improvisational dance, theater, and art—and it is in those realms where the divinity of laughter, joy, and play are woven side-by-side with austerity, truth, and mystery. Jananī is also a song carrier and finds deep medicine in music, rhythm, harmony, and sound healing. She usually always has her guitar for any yoga classes she guides.

Jananī often teaches through the art of storytelling and comes alive in the wide variety of expressions of the human journey. She has been on a profound wounded warrior’s journey of her own, which enables her to relate on very deep and authentic levels to beings of many diverse walks of life.

Her explorations in yoga began in 2000 when she was 17 and seeking a place of spiritual sanctuary. She started with Iyengar yoga—which gave her a very strong foundation in alignment. Soon after, she mostly practiced Anusara, and Raja yoga, as they satiated a longing for authenticity and depth within a wonderfully challenging physical practice.

In 2012—2013 she lived and studied in India with her teacher Swami Dayananda Saraswati. She often describes this time as one of the most important experiences of her entire life, and for those who are curious, she often has great joy in sharing more about the many wild mysteries of that journey. 

300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training
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