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Transformative Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Plant your feet firmly on sacred land for a life-changing 25-day immersive yoga teacher training. Guided by a powerful team of facilitators, explore deep topics such as Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Wisdom Traditions, Earth Medicine, Trauma Informed Healing, Meditation, Empowerment, Community Leadership, Environmental and Social Responsibility, and so much more.

Practice in deep harmony with nature at an environmentally conscious facility focused on sustainable, green living, mindful eating, and social stewardship.

In partnership with School Yoga Institute, Indra Yoga Institute seeks a diverse student body; individuals with a passion for healing, teaching, and connecting. Strong bonds will be formed and maintained through ongoing calls and professional development. Resources for evolving your training into tangible results will be at your fingertips.

Discover how Indra Yoga Institute aligns with your personal vision.

Yoga Teacher Training Peru


January 4 – January 29, 2021



February 28 – March 24, 2021



July 1 – July 25, 2021

Yoga Teacher Training Portugal


October 16 – November 10, 2021


The essence of our Advanced 300 Hour Immersion Training

Indra Yoga Institute offers a cohesive, multi-faceted approach to teacher training, blending the best of the Yoga tradition from the East and the West. Our faculty is comprised of highly-trained, inspiring professionals with a profound understanding of Yoga’s transformative power. This course will help you define who you are as a yoga teacher and help you to develop your own voice. The coursework in this program is 300 hours and will qualify graduates to register with the Yoga Alliance at the RYT-300 and RYT-500 level.

This 300-hour advanced training focuses on the expansion of your own sacred consciousness. With an open heart and an open mind, this training will not only provide you with the tools to become a great advanced yoga teacher – it will also guide and support you through your own deeper transformation and evolution as a conscious being.

Our 300-hour program combines several unique paths: Asana, Ayurveda, Breath Work, Meditation, Trauma-Informed Training, Ancient Wisdom Traditions, and much more. Each training is a careful curation of subject matter to guide students further along in their professional and personal wellness journey. As advanced yoga teachers, you will participate in rich discussion, practice, and teaching opportunities alongside distinguished facilitators and guest instructors.

A Day in the Life

During this advanced 25 day training, we ask participants to embrace all aspects of the yogic lifestyle, such as observing a vegetarian diet, living free from the distractions of other substances, and moving away from the internet and unnecessary communications with the external world. We ask for your dedication, commitment, and surrender, as well as immersion in our spiritual community for the duration of the training.

Open yourself to what is there, leave all expectations behind and enter the enlightened perspective and sacred landscape of your training with an open heart – whatever comes will be exactly what you need.

What to Expect

During an Indra Yoga Institute Immersion Program you will experience a unique curriculum blend, depending on the selected training. Examples include:

  • Ayurvedic Medicine & Ayurveda as a lifestyle
  • Spiritual Immersion, Ancient Texts & Ancient Wisdom
  • Daily Yoga Practice
  • In-Depth Meditation & Pranayama Techniques
  • Yoga Therapeutics – Yoga & The Brain, Yoga for Stress & Anxiety, Trauma Informed Yoga, Trauma & The Subtle Body
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • Community Leadership Training
  • Advanced Sequencing
  • Yoga Anatomy & Physiology
  • Ancient Hindu Studies and Medicine Wheel Exploration
  • Practice Cleansing, Fasting, and Silence
  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • Soul Wellness Entrepreneurship
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Finding Your Voice through Creative Exploration

Core Curriculum

We currently offers 4 unique 300-hour programs a year offering a focus of personal spiritual connection as a path to sharing spirituality.


Upon completion of the 300 hours of training, you can register will Yoga Alliance as an RYT 500. We are a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance which is recognized internationally.

Who Can Attend

The 300-hr course is open to people who have earned their 200-hour teacher training certification. Individuals who have a long-standing practice of yoga and healing arts (minimum 5 years) but have not yet attended a 200-hour program may be subject to exception. Please submit a letter to info@indrayogainstitute.com to request an interview with our team to review qualifications. This is particularly geared toward those who are interested in deepening their yoga, spiritual, and healing art practice and may be beneficial to those who are not concerned about the RYT hours and certification.

Sense of Community

Our intention is to guide aspirants through their own healing journey in order to better prepare them for healing others. As a group, a community, and an extended family, we practice letting go. Everyone is wholeheartedly accepted and encouraged. We create and hold space where participants feel safe and comfortable. We allow the world to unfold before us without reaction or judgment. Together we unveil the true essence and sweet nectar of life.

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