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Betsy K, India

Davis S, India

Hannah V, India

Hannah Indra Yoga Institute 300 TestimonialNever did I think I would be swimming in the Arabian Sea, under the full moon, while the stars iridescently lit up at my feet.

Never did I think I would visit a world that the cows roamed free because they are considered sacred to their peoples, where the wild dogs and cats were so happily beach bumming, where restaurants wanted you to overstay your stay, where street vendors trusted in you to come back and pay, and where a land that no matter the heat, hundreds of beings would show up to pray.

Everyday. India is special. And I think it’s because it lives by the universe’s truth; the truths of our birthrights. That everything is sacred, everything is one. From the oceans, to the animals, to the peoples, and to the other realms; we are all one. That is yoga, that is Hinduism, this is Christianity, Buddhism, atheism, all beings! All things.

Thank you for holding the space and knowledge where I’ve experienced so much yumminess and strength within my practice. I’m walking away with a voice I hadn’t yet found, self love that I’ve been searching for, for so long, and a light that has reconnected me to the spirit inside of me and around me. Wow.

Michelle Z, India

“Gratitude tells the universe you’re ready for the unimaginable”✨

Michelle Indra Yoga Institute 300 TestimonialAfter completing an immersive and intense 25-day advanced 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Indra Yoga Institute, I’m feeling the very same gratitude as when I first arrived in India. This photo pretty much sums up what a yoga teacher training means to me. This spot in our yoga shala overlooking the palm trees and flowers with the ocean and sound of the waves in the distance became somewhat sacred to me during our training. In those moments of finding stillness, oneness, and love with all that is…that is what yoga is really all about. Learning to be fully present and grateful. Releasing the samskaras ~thought patterns and behaviors~ that no longer serve us and allowing the floodgates of joy to open. Learning to join your breath and quiet the mind to find the oneness and connection of all things and the universe. Finding samadhi ~ the blissful union between yourself and all things. Recognizing that deep down everything beats at the same rate of love and being able to see that beauty and connection of it all.

Yoga is not about poses. It’s not about the people. It’s not about the places. It’s about going inward. Learning. Reflecting. Growing. Becoming. Transforming. Seeing the beauty in all. And most of all loving. Loving the process. Loving the journey. Loving all things. And especially loving yourself.

The transformation that takes place in the cocoon of an immersive YTT is hard to put into words, but it is without a doubt one of the most incredible experiences you can encounter.

Thank you to this community and platform that helps connect us all and inspire one another through the beauty of our experiences!

Natalie Aceves, Bali, February 2019

Hannah Indra Yoga Institute 300 Testimonial“The Ayurvedic aspect of the training revolutionized my life. Ayurveda has inspired me to act with a new sensory-awareness as I make choices that in fact dictate my destiny. Learning Ayurveda re-affirmed universal principles that have always resonated true for me as true, it’s my new love, ceremony and reverence to everything being sacred. It teaches me how to cultivate and sustain balance, I turn to it for everything—in return I receive a vibrant self-loving flame in my soul, spiritual vitality, resiliency, an improving digestive system, new skin… self love/care rituals and most of all a new sense of direction and passage to channel my voice “and services to the world.

“I have a new zest and enthusiasm for longevity and life and I continue to further my Ayurvedic education & practice to deepen my understanding of this ancient science and art and make it practical to others.”

The vision to unify ancient wisdom with modern day life, making self-healing and transformation accessible to all is present. My mission is to help activate the potency of collective illumination and the shared potential physically and spiritually to make magic within ourselves, others and the earth. I’m weaving projects that I will carry out into community centered in Ayurvedic inspired beauty, lunar magic, energy balancing, yoga and soon will be teaching at a retreat for the very first time. Today, I’m surrendered to my highest path as spirits shapeshifting vessel, to serve however spirit asks, missioning to restore the sacredness, sense of aliveness and oneness….

A mantra that I took with me, it serves my every moment, whether challenge or glory, every day I hear Anita’s voice sing in my heart and mind “what IS possible” here, today as I walk this path …….

“She didn’t chose her path As much as it chose her” -Rebecca Campell

Grant Nixon, Peru, July 2018

Hannah Indra Yoga Institute 300 Testimonial“My yoga journey began the day I came back from a six-month deployment to the Middle East where I witnessed, first hand, the pain of human suffering in this world. I had served in the United States Marine Corps for six years as a combat engineer and after a deployment overseas I had come back with multiple forms of physical, mental, and emotional trauma and diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I hit a low point far down enough that inspired a great shift in my mindset. I prayed for help and I found the peace I was yearning for through my yoga and meditation practice.

“The knowledgeable instructors awoke the power within me to fully live my truest self and shape a dream of mine to give back to the world in which I serve. I spent 25 days with the most inspiring and loving yogis who helped me embody the change I wish to see in the world and who gave me the confidence and sight to go out and make it a reality. It was during the course that I found what I believe to be my true calling while healing my traumatic past through the power of both plant medicine and yoga.”

After months of doing daily yoga practice, even as often as twice a day, I had seen such a shift in my happiness and mental clarity that I had made the decision that I will never again serve in any capacity that would lead to human suffering. Instead, I decided that I would dedicate my life to helping others and making the world a more peaceful place. I then booked a plane ticket to Nepal for a 10 day Vipassana meditation course and with one Native American flute, a didgeridoo, and a backpack; this is where this story begins. Five months later, after a life of sharing my music in the streets, mediation, and yoga in Nepal and India, I experienced life-changing results. It was then I decided that I wanted to dive deeper into my yoga and shamanic practices and head across the world to South America.

I chose to further my yoga practice and teaching ability through this 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in the Sacred Valley of Peru. This program stood out amongst the many other options because the program offered a blend between indigenous ancestral knowledge of plant medicine and the yogic path. I had studied and researched how the sacred plant medicine of the Amazon rainforest was being used to treat many forms of trauma and found this program to be a perfect vessel to both deepen my Yoga practice and learn the ways of South American Shamanism. It was my intention during the course to heal myself and come back to the states to then start healing others through teaching yoga, meditation, and sound medicine.

These knowledgeable instructors awoke the power within me to fully live my truest self and shape a dream of mine to give back to the world in which I serve. I spent 25 days with the most inspiring and loving yogis who helped me embody the change I wish to see in the world and who gave me the confidence and sight to go out and make it a reality. It was during the course that I found what I believe to be my true calling while healing my traumatic past through the power of both plant medicine and yoga. One morning after a cacao ceremony, I sat down with my teacher and shaped an idea that I will use as my bedrock to give back to this world.

I aspire to bring yoga and meditation into the U.S. public school system by starting my own non-profit business that provides high school students yoga and mediation classes in an afterschool program environment. Eventually, it is my goal to then have yoga and mediation be written in and offered as an elective class in high school curriculum. I believe that by reaching teens in high school, Yoga can help them create a positive shift in their mental, emotional, and physical development during a critical time in their life. As most of us have experienced, the developmental ages of 13-18 while in high school are a time where the body, mind, and soul are shaped to ultimately create who you will become as an adult. It can be seen as the beginning stages of walking his or her path in life and for many students, it is a time of very high stress, pressure, trauma, and change. Among many other benefits, I believe that yoga and mediation can help all students achieve better focus in class, peace at home, clarity in life direction, and a better understanding as well as an acceptance of their changing bodies.

Hannah Indra Yoga Institute 300 TestimonialMy mission is to provide students with a safe healing space and guide them through a self-exploration experience while using Yoga, Primal Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, and guided Meditation. After years in the professional world, I have decided to dedicate my life to the healing arts and have traveled across the world learning the ways of the ancient yogis, gurus, and shamans. The program gave me the opportunity to work and study both sound healing and plant medicine in the Sacred Valley in Peru where I learned traditional methods of channeling spirit guides, ancestors, and star energy. I am dedicated in my service to soul healing by using sacred sound medicine, yoga, and meditation to help bridge the connection with the divine spirits and most of all, with your truest and highest self. I am looking forward to journeying with you soon. Please feel free to contact me and follow my story :

– @windvibevisions
– soundcloud/windvibevisions
– www.windvibevisions.com
Thank you for reading my truth.

Sending love and light always,

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