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Ibeliz Guadalupe, Portugal Fall 2022

When I found Indra online, I was drawn to the training being a part virtual and part in person immersion. I was not disappointed at all! In fact, everything that was shared was golden, intentional and priceless. Everyone teachers/facilitators, the location, interactions and time shared are something I will never forget, the new yoga fam I didn’t expect to leave with, everyone’s vulnerability in sharing their hearts was pure magic. I will keep these moments close to heart always!

Liz Hackworth, Portugal Fall 2022

The Indra team is excellent for holding space for their students to grow and blossom. Their teaching methods are truly impactful, in that I felt that in each and every class, I was given the opportunity to interact with the subject matter and begin to digest the possibility for new ways of being because of it. The faculty made it easy for me to imagine beginning to implement their teachings into my life, and the classmates I had around me were also supportive and inspiring in their ambitions and openness. My time with Indra has been magical and transformative, and I consider myself blessed to be among them.

Janine Mitchell, Portugal Fall 2022

My experience being at Monte de Orada in Portugal for my 300-hour yoga teacher training course was life changing. I didn’t have any idea what to expect before arriving but once I did, I could feel from the souls of my feet to the top of my head, that I would never be the same. The land, the practice and the people helped heal me deeply. I’m so deeply grateful for Bonnie who founded Indra Yoga Institute. She had a vision and brought it to life and because of her, so many people are fulfilling their life purposes too. I feel blessed to know her and call her friend.

Jen Lindgren, Portugal Fall 2022

I had spent several years researching 300hour programs with increasing frustration of not feeling connected to the syllabus, facilitators, or mission of the school. When a search revealed Indra to me, I thought perhaps I had found a home. After the first meeting with Bonnie, I felt connected and assured that this program would be the best fit for me. Once I began to witness the passion, knowledge, and diverse range of facilitators, I felt confident I was in the best training for me and the work I continue to offer with yoga for those who are incarcerated, living with addiction, and healing/treating serious illness. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sherri Doucette, July Peru 2022

I’d sworn off further yoga teacher certification until I stumbled upon an ad for the IYI 300hr YTT in Peru – Summer ’22. After further exploration I’d found that the curriculum not only centered social justice and Ayurveda, but provided a rare opportunity to study with women of color from all over the globe in Peru! I was sold. I can only describe my experience in Peru and at the Munay Sonqo Retreat Center as “on earth as it is in heaven” but in Technicolor. It has been a beautifully enriching experience.

Ashleie Gandy, Peru July 2022

This experience was exactly what I needed yet came in a way I didn’t expect. My goal was to heal and learn, allowing my practice to heal me and others while it also deepens. I found a deeper purpose while engaging in this immersion and deeper healing and bigger releases. The Kula and the connections made was such an added bonus. I’m so grateful for this space, the land and the work courage of Bonnie stepping out to do the work she was called to do, that allowed me to be present. It definitely felt like God circled this place on the map for me. Spirit called and I answered. Thank you for the realignment, the chance to say yes to myself and the space to be in company with like minded people. I am forever grateful and reinvigorated to do the work I feel aligned to do.

Lindsey Bordwell, July Peru 2022

I had the pleasure to live and learn in Peru with the most dynamically diverse group of like-minded individuals I have ever encountered. Our class instantly connected and continued to encourage each other throughout our stay and beyond. The facilitators were absolutely incredible in their teachings which were authentic & inspiring. Each of them brought varying perspectives, unique personalities which came across in their caring and compassionate attitudes. Munay Sonqo provided deliciously nourishing meals and care for everyone throughout our stay. Bonnie made sure everyone had anything they needed to feel supported and welcome. I made many new life long friends with the most beautiful souls. The value of what was paid for the experience I received was absolutely unbeatable. I will forever treasure the experience.

Nell-E Mateo, Peru July 2022

Indra Yoga just made my Yoga education experience worthwhile. I could talk about so many beautiful things about my experience in Peru but I’ll share with you three beautiful things that are closest to my heart as I’m writing this testimonial. One, Bonnie’s diligent care and kindness as she gave full attention to every participants from day one as we were planning our journey to Peru. As soon as I got her contact information from one of my mentors at my studio, she immediately had shown patience and willingness to understand my needs for the trip and answer all my inquiries. During the retreat, Bonnie made sure that I felt comfortable and that I had everything I needed from the beginning up to graduation day.

Two, I appreciate the enthusiasm and loving hearts of all the facilitators. I’m particularly in love and grateful for Dr. Cre for her fire, gentle kindness and groundedness throughout the program. Each of the facilitators that joined us on this trip to Peru had shown authenticity and generosity by sharing their presence, wisdom and experience. I will never forget all the participants who have each became my inspiration as I continue my journey to be a better being in this world. Three, I’m truly grateful for the land and its people and the beautiful culture. The Sacred Valley is a dream come true for someone like me. Because of it’s embrace and healing prana, I feel amazing and ready to face on new challenges in this wonderful life I’m walking. I’m grateful for the kitchen crew for the food and all the gentle beings that put their hearts in the work they do including the animals that surrounded us and inspired us during our stay.

May all beings be happy. May all beings be free from suffering.

Rev. Dr. Cacky Mellor, Online Spring 2022

As a Somatic Practitioner, I have actively sought to study in Ayurveda and yogic philosophy and practices to recontextualize much of the appropriated ancient wisdoms that are foundational to somatic and holistic wellness. I spent many years searching for a yoga teacher training that contextualized Yoga within the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda that it is a part of, prioritizes social justice, is trauma informed, celebrates diversity, and “walked its talk” living and embodying the core values of Yoga as I currently understand them. When I found Indra Yoga Institute my breath shifted immediately. I could feel a deepening and expansion in my breath that accompanied a clear knowing that this program was part of my path. Once the training began the awe and resonance only grew and that inspired, softened breath became a thread throughout the training and beyond. It felt like a homecoming. I told multiple facilitators “I feel like I dreamed this curriculum into being. Thank you! This is what I have been searching for!”

This program challenged me to grow in expected and unexpected ways—I raged, I grieved, I laughed, I surrendered, I healed, I loved. The connections I have gathered from this training with the practice, community, and myself are invaluable—providing a much needed container and compass for more fully embracing the spectrum of human experience, personally and collectively. It is with great reverence, gratitude, and humility that I continue to learn and tend to these gifts as part of a community of stewards of this wisdom. I invite fellow seekers on the path to join this community and nurture the seeds of the Divine within, without, and everywhere in between.

Michaela Miller, Online Spring 2022

Indra blew my expectations out of the water and continues to do so every time I reference my YTT manual. The knowledge, wisdom, love, support, resources, and sense of community that I gained from this training has been insurmountable. I was admittedly skeptical to taking an exclusively online YTT, but was quickly shown that with this group of leaders there was no reason to be. As funny as it might sound, some of my deepest states of meditation ever achieved were facilitated by these teachers over zoom. After graduation, I left my day job to pursue the yogic path full-force. That’s the kind of impact Indra had on me. If you’re looking to dive deeper into the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda through a diverse, trauma-informed, social-justice prioritized lens, this training is for you.

Dominiece Clifton, Online Spring 2022

A few days before starting the Indra course, I almost opted out of the program. I was stressed and overwhelmed with trying to balance too many things. The Indra team offered so much love and support so I decided to see the program through. I am SO glad I did. Those 9 weeks have changed me forever. Walking away, I have much more certainty about who I am. The program brought me so much healing and clarity and it helped me rediscover my voice again. I felt so seen and heard. Over the course of 9 weeks, I was able to interact and grow with some of the most amazing humans from all over the world. The diversity of the group reflects the thought and attention that Bonnie and the team put into ensuring that yoga is truly social justice. Aside from the diversity of the group, what I most appreciated was the diversity of the staff. As a Black woman, I’ve been in so many wellness spaces where the instructors don’t look like me and cannot relate to my experiences. But this container was different. I felt held, seen, and cared for by an amazingly wise and loving staff. We covered SO much, from social justice with yoga to an extensive deep dive into Ayurveda.

If you are looking for a program that will stretch you and challenge some of your existing beliefs, but also holds you while you grow, this is the program for you.

Thomas Childers, Peru January 2022

Words are very inadequate for my experience for my 300hr YTT in Peru. I went to further my yoga practice and left with a new perspective and appreciation for life. The amount of diverse content, practice, and activities made the days go by quickly while allowing me to process and synthesize a large amount of information in a way I hadn’t thought possible. Thankful for the knowledge, practices, and wisdom shared.

Amelie Bischoff, Peru January 2022

The experience with Indra and the 300 hour program in Peru was even better than I could have imagined. Already after the first two days I was full of inspiration, new knowledge and ideas. But of course there was even much more to come! The teachers and team are wonderful and I am so grateful and amazed by everything I have learned, by all the beautiful connections and friendships that arose. Being in the Sacred Valley of Peru, a place with a magical and healing energy, surrounded by beautiful nature was incredible. I loved learning about the Quechua and Andean traditions and different ways of healing. Indra’s approach to Yoga and teacher trainings is the best I have found so far. It is holistic and links yoga to so many relevant topics like social and environmental justice. The content is so intentionally and carefully designed. I would recommend taking this training 100%! It is amazing!

Annika Nygren, Peru January 2022

The ways Indra has transformed how I will proceed on this planet are still unfolding like the beautiful petals on the flowers of retreat at Munay Sonqo in the Sacred Valley of Peru. The facilitators modeled and showed me many applicable and inspiring ways to LIVE YOGA outside the four corners of our mat. I now see how integrating with the 8 limbs is crucial to self-help and healing, social justice, climate justice, and social CHANGE. Through an intentionally built space and container, I was connected more deeply to myself and to what my dharma, my purpose, is on this earth. From the diverse and deeply integrated staff members, to the beautiful space, to the precisely-crafted schedule, my expectations were exceeded and my heart filled to the brim with new knowledge, opportunities for growth, and gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Shannen McGreevy, Peru January 2022

My experience with Indra has been life changing in so many ways. So much so that I’m tearing up while I write this. This experience brought me back to myself and I am forever grateful. Every teacher brought something special to the training that was so powerful, and so unique to who they are. They were the perfect people to share this wisdom with us. I wanted to dive deeper into my practice, deeper into how to live in a more socially conscious way, learn more about sequencing classes, the language to use while teaching and new techniques I could bring to my classes. This course exceeded all of those expectations, above and beyond. I highly recommend this course to anyone who’s looking to do the same.

Paige Davis, Peru January 2022

This is more than a 300hr yoga teacher training, it is truly a life training. An experience like this can’t be described, only felt. I know my intuition led me to Indra, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I’ll never be able to say THANK YOU enough to this program and the women who lead it. Thank you for bringing me back home to myself, and allowing me to have a deeper connection with Mother Earth, myself and others around me. Since I’ve returned from my training, I’ve had SO much love to pour into my work and life. I came back with fresh eyes to LIFE! I truly can’t recommend this program enough!

Alexa DeRiggs, Portugal Fall 2021

This YTT went above and beyond my expectations. Never have I ever felt so safe and seen by a group of undeniably vibrant and empowering women. They embody what it means to be living yoga with grace and authenticity. Bonnie and the Indra team have created a truly unique 300-hour training unlike many out there and it was so incredibly special and humbling to learn about these ancient teachings from diverse facilitators from all over the world on a spiritual, philosophical, and emotional level.  Doing your 300 hour training with Indra will without a doubt be the perfect gift to yourself!

Elke Talbot, Portugal Fall 2021

Indra’s 300 hour YTT program brings you back to the roots of your mind, body, and spirit, and the roots of all that is Yoga. Indra takes you through an enriching osmosis and offers you the room to transform with more intention than you’ve ever felt before. Learning it, doing it, living it. I feel the difference, and I see the difference in those around me too. Truly and deeply a program of intention, consciousness and wild and vibrant inspiration to return to life more sensitively and intentionally than before.

Anna Matas, Portugal Fall 2021

Indra was the best choice ever, I would repeat the course for sure. Loved from the first day till the last, and learned so much! We learned ayurveda, nonviolent communication, sequencing, informed yoga and so much more! Teachers are excellent, and Bonnie is so sweet! She will always do whatever you need to make you feel comfortable, respected and happy. And the food was incredible, every day! I highly recommend this course if you really wanna go deeper.

Angel Dudley, Portugal Fall 2021

Indra’s 300 hour immersion training in Portugal was without doubt, one of the most incredible, sacred, and life changing events I’ve ever gotten the privilege of taking part in. From the teachings of sacred yoga wisdom, to the in-depth asana labs, to the connection built with each incredible human I got to study alongside, this time in my life is something I will hold near and dear to my heart forever. Bonnie is an incredibly caring leader and her constant grounding presence throughout the training showed just how much Indra means to her. Indra chose the best possible location for us to feel connected to nature while being nourished with top quality vegan and vegetarian meals and added facilities like the sauna, and fun places to swim and explore.
I am extremely grateful for the experience & I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is looking to go far beyond the asana in their practice, develop skills for building a more balanced life for yourself and those around you, and dive deep into their sacred, spiritual journey as a yoga practitioner.

Felicia K, Hong Kong, Online Spring 2021

This 300-hour is absolutely something I’ve been longing for. As a participant in Hong Kong, I can truly feel the love and connection in the Indra family. This is the Yoga the world needs. Totally. It exceeded my expectations in many ways. I appreciate so much the teaching of Anita, Haunani and Raquel, also the amazing work of Bonnie. The energy of the group has been incredible. I also appreciate the value and emphasis Indra places on connection, love and transformation.

Darrian E, Online Spring 2021

The experience of this training exceeded my expectations. I honestly was expecting it to be a training only about teaching the practice of Yoga, yet it was a spiritual awakening. Such a beautiful experience.

I feel as though Ayurveda is calling me to study more of it. I love learning about traditional remedies and traditions. I still have some catching up on the cooking portion to do, but I loved the food that I did make–a long with the rituals.

Mercia C, Online Spring 2021

Many programs say ‘intensive’ but honestly, they aren’t. When I signed up, I had no idea of how intensive this would be. I don’t mean just the work or courses, but the inner work required. I have laughed, smiled, cried, ran from and to the course. I have learned and am still learning so much. But most of all, I appreciate that I always felt welcomed, opened, and received here. My voice was heard and appreciated, and never felt out of place. Each teacher was fully present and full of knowledge and experience. Words can never truly convey the experience, but life changing and life opening is the best way to sum it up. The connections made will be for a lifetime and I am so grateful for this experience.

Shyla G, Canada, Online Spring 2021

I am still vibrating from this absolutely inspirational group of teachers and fellow cohort. As I am still processing all of the abundance of information – I can honestly say that I am so happy that I did this training. The content is so incredibly rich, and life changing. I will hold this dear to my heart for the rest of my earth bound life. I also wanted to mention that I have met some incredible people who I know I will stay connected with over the coming years! THANK YOU INDRA, WITH ALL MY HEART AND SO MUCH MORE!!!

Sandra F, Online Spring 2021

After talking with Bonnie via zoom, I had a good feeling about signing up for the training. I knew it would be good, but it turned out to be way beyond awesome! The training was super well organized and you could tell that all the facilitators and organizers put a lot of love, thought and work into the training. There was this beautiful golden thread weaving through every single live session, every assignment, every suggested article to read. This training positively overwhelmed me with so much knowledge that I trust will continue to enrich my life – not only as a yoga teacher. I am so impressed with how everyone involved created a nourishing and supportive space via zoom! And I cannot wait to meet the entire cohort ‘live’ one day. I also want to point out the way all facilitators led the sessions and topics: Always very relatable, thought provoking, with mindful respect and lots of love and positivity. I hope to stay in contact with all of them. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you!

Mischa E, South Africa, Online Spring 2021

Never have I felt more seen, heard and truly taken in as in this training. Massive amounts of growth, love, knowledge & wisdom. I will never forget these words ‘Wisdom is experiential.”

Jennifer A, Idaho, Online Spring 2021

I registered for the Indra teacher training thinking I was going to do something that was going to pivot my career and help my family, friends and clients….It ended up being the thing I needed the most to shift my own life. Much gratitude to the entire Indra team for teaching with such love and devotion that it resounds through each of the alumni and into the communities we serve.

Bredy T, Croatia, Online Spring 2021

I highly recommend Indra’s program for all true lovers of Yoga and Ayurveda who want to expand their knowledge and being and are eager to dive deep. You will learn from highly experienced facilitators who bring their knowledge, passion and wisdom to all of their sessions on and off the mat. I have received so much more than I expected and I am thinking to myself: “I just attended the best available 300 hours Yoga course on the planet!” Thank you Indra!

Kristy T, Hong Kong, Online Spring 2021

So much gratitude that I had the chance to join this 300hr teacher training program. I felt deeply inspired by the selfless sharing by all the facilitators, their depth of knowledge and abundance of love. The comprehensive course content is more than what I had expected, not just supporting my teaching career but also my personal practice. Not to mention, the seamless arrangement by Indra has made the experience truly immersive. I felt included even though I am joining online far away from across the oceans.

Fonny C, Budapest, Online Spring 2021

I’ve been searching and reading while in the midst of discovering myself and how to better understand what I’m looking for after my 200HR yoga teacher training. It took me a while to finally decide what is the best training for myself and my community. Indra Yoga Institute has it all listed to what I require, the list of facilitators and most of all is the multicultural group that they offer. I sent in my interest to enroll in the training via their website, soon enough Bonnie emailed me and sent a personal voice message to elaborate more. Although I was pretty last minute to join, she made it all so smooth to welcome me into Indra. It’s my first time being full time online for a training and I’m so so impressed with the whole structure of Thinkific for the module, video recorded, manuals, many more to accommodate time zones and more throughout the training. Information was so well informed. A highlight to the 9 weeks of immersion training with Indra was the mutual respect given to every individual as an equal sharing space with respect. Although it was fully online, we were still able to feel the warm welcome from each and every person in the live room. Hearing the wisdom and teachings from all the facilitators and powerful sharing through the open discussions was beautiful to experience and it is beyond words to express my gratitude to this lifetime learning of Yoga with all of them (facilitators and my fellow trainees). I’m thankful to be part of IYI Spring 2021 Immersive training!

Amy J, Online Spring 2021

When it came to researching and selecting a 300 HR YTT, I did a lot of diligence. I wanted a program that would engage in difficult conversations around Yoga practices, liberation, and social justice. After the pandemic, I also needed something to reinvigorate my own self-care practices: where Ayurveda and new ways to apply Mantra became essential. I was struck by the construct in which the information was shared and intertwined. This course really is a journey into yourself as well as inspiration on how to level up as a Yoga teacher. The lead facilitators have such a depth of knowledge and work with each other amazingly that the experience feels seamless. The guest speakers were such a fun and rewarding addition to gain knowledge on special topics. Everyday I learned just as much from all the participating students in the course as well. This space is brave yet held with so much care and respect by everyone involved. Indra is a special community that I haven’t come across in other Yoga spaces.

Josh “Sally”, Texas, Online Winter 2021

I wasn’t looking to do my 300-hour training while I was still doing my 200-hour, but it was fate that led me to Indra. I was hungry to learn more about Ayurveda and while searching on Instagram in the Ayurveda hashtag, Indra Yoga Institute appeared. When I clicked on the website I couldn’t believe what I was reading. The wide variety of subjects during this 300-hour training was everything that I was looking for without even knowing it. I carefully read about each facilitator and thought, “Wow, this is amazing…how am I going to pay for this all because I HAVE to be in this program?” I saw Indra was offering a scholarship for the LGBTQ+ community as well as other communities that face discrimination and oppression. I started to cry a little. This is where I need to be in order to give back. I couldn’t believe that I found something that I did not know I was looking for and yet felt like I belonged there. Bonnie, Raquel, Anita, Haunani, Jeanine, Camilah, and the rest of the facilitators made me feel like I was the missing puzzle piece. This training surpassed any idea or preconceived notion of what my 300-hour could be. While learning virtually isn’t ideal, the quality of education was never sacrificed. My favorite part of this training is the community that has been built. Post-training/graduation my Indra community is still so strong and so supportive. I cannot wait to continue my education with Indra.

Briana F, Texas, Online Winter 2021

When I first met with Bonnie, I was immediately intrigued by her openness and ease, as if I was truly being seen and listened to. That first encounter was an indication of the love, growth, and communal upliftment that I would soon be exposed to through Indra’s 300 HR Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training. I applied for the scholarship and had to share the reality of the financial situation I was in, while it was difficult to acknowledge and share, I knew this would be the beginning of something transformational…all I had to do was show up and let it be. Taking this teacher training was one of the best decisions I have made and every day I see my life being shaped by the wisdom of my Indra family. I offer kindness and grace to myself and others, I practice with commitment, and I am continuously renewing my love and hope for our world. The work I am now, sharing yoga and meditation through In Flow & Free, has only been strengthened because of my experiences with the Indra facilitators and students. I am grateful to each of you who have shaped my world through this program and look forward to growing this life-shifting education beyond this moment; breathing new life into what is possible for me and the worlds we are all a part of. Thank you and may we all know the fullness of our own love and freedom, moment by moment, from this life and into the next.

April W, United Kingdom, Online Winter 2021

Indra brings together an exceptionally bright, diverse, and powerful group of facilitators who share the gift of their wisdom, compassion, and experience to not only educate but inspire students along their own paths.

I had many preconceived notions of what I thought a 300hr online training would be like and to be honest, I had a fair few reservations of spending even more time on screen. But this training smashed any reservations out of the water and far exceeded my every expectation. One of the unexpected blessings of taking this training online in the midst of life happening all around me has meant that I have been able to use and apply the vital teachings immediately to my everyday life in a way that I hadn’t been able to before. Through this course, Indra has helped me to embody Yoga in every aspect of my life.

Another blessing of this training is the strong sense of community which is built from the opening ceremony and continues way beyond the virtual classroom. Through Indra, I have made friends from so many different walks of life, with different passions and pastimes all united in the central focus of sharing and learning a deeper and more meaningful way of living. These wonderful humans continue to reach out, inspire and support one another beyond the training. I know the facilitator team is passionate about continuing this work. With Indra it really feels like taking the 300hr is just the beginning.

Stephanie V, Online Winter 2021

Prior to joining Indra 300hr Yoga & Ayurveda Training, I was in search of something more than just yoga. I was initially torn between two different trainings, but after a call with Bonnie, my decision was confirmed. I couldn’t ask for a better experience from this online training. The journey I had physically, mentally, and emotionally really changed my approach to teaching and practicing yoga. I honestly enjoyed how I was able to automatically integrate what I learned into my daily life almost immediately. The facilitators, guest speakers, and fellow teachers in training where all so supportive, nurturing and I just wanted to keep learning more from them. Finally the additional support Indra provides even after the training for no additional cost has been amazing. I can’t say this enough, but thank you Indra and Alumni for bringing this into my life. Forever grateful! 

Zaakiyah B, South Africa, Online Winter 2021

Indra Yoga Institute- 300 hour Yoga & Ayurveda Training was life-enhancing. I contacted Bonnie in Dec 2020 during a time in my life where I felt downhearted. One of the many attractions to the training was Indra’s inclusive nature and an array of teachings expanding beyond asana, and if you take a look on Google there is no other yoga teacher training that matches Indra’s diverse offering for 300hr. It was a dream to pursue an international YTT and in the midst of the pandemic, this online offering surpassed my expectations of learning online- one of the online learning tools Thinkific set out the course curriculum efficiently and was easy to navigate post live sessions or to recap since I am in a different Time Zone. Another highlight for me was the respect and kindness for all beings – I have never felt so comfortable to learn and be myself during any formal training until learning with Indra as this training embodies the yoga ethics and wisdom both on and off the mat. To allow you to come to yourself and be free to express and feel enough, was especially important to me as a POC from another country. The facilitator group is exceptionally well immersed in life and yoga, the teachings passed down are lifelong. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this training and as I go on and share the teachings I move forward as a whole being, ready to conquer. 

Jeannine, NYC, Online Winter 2021

Sometimes a late-night Google search is a good way to waste time when you can not sleep. Other times, it reveals to you a life-changing opportunity you never knew existed. The latter was what occurred the night I came across the information for the 300hr Yoga and Ayurveda Training Immersion with Indra Yoga Institute. From that moment on, the way I saw myself, the practices, the world, and the beauty, interconnectedness, and potential of it all had been drastically shifted forever, in the most profound and positive ways. I immediately connected deeply with the teachers and students through the online training and although we were each in our “zoom homes” our community blossomed quickly. All of the teachers have amazingly deep knowledge of the topics they share and are authentic practitioners who share from their heart and encourage your potential. I came to this training seeking a deeper understanding of yoga and Ayurveda and how to use these practices as a foundation of change, a laboratory of change, and a formula for change, through Social Justice, trauma informed yoga, yoga for larger bodies, and the list goes on. This training allowed me to connect my work and passions as a social and racial justice advocate, and my life as a spiritual practitioner and yoga /meditation teacher. The two are not only inextricably linked for me now, and each supports the other in ways that continue to reveal themselves to me. I am so grateful to Bonnie and her whole teaching team at Indra for such a deeply impactful and empowering experience. I look forward to staying involved in this community for many years to come. Thank you Indra Family! 

Shalom S, Philippines, Online Winter 2021

I just recently finished my 200-hour teacher training before I was given an amazing opportunity by Indra to join their program. I was nervous knowing that 300-hour programs are usually taken by experienced yoga teachers to move onto the next step of their career. At first, I was so shy to speak up and share my truth since English is not my native language. I was scared of being judged but all of Indra’s facilitators and my co-trainees are so supportive and understanding. I learned so much from each of them.

I’m working full time and I live in the Philippines. Most of the time I was not able to join the live classes but still, I connected with everyone. Every time I join the live classes, all of them are so welcoming. It’s like I was there with them all week.

Aside from the amazing support by the facilitators, Indra has really managed to make the online training work so well. Even by just watching the recordings, I felt everyone’s vulnerability and I felt even more connected with them. The facilitators taught us how to look at yoga not just physically but also spiritually. They have given us these amazing tools that we can use to incorporate the practice of yoga into our day-to-day life. Not only did I learn so much more about yoga, but I’ve also learned a lot about myself.

As someone who has no yoga teaching experience yet, I am more confident with what I can offer to my community because of Indra.

Miranda P, Germany, Online Winter 2021


Who knew yoga could be so deeply shared online. I couldn’t be more grateful to have taken Indra’s 300-hour training. I will carry their wisdom and inspiration with me into every community I enter from here on out. Indra is truly animated by the beating heart of yoga — union, justice, inquiry, and love — and has empowered me beyond measure. Oceans of gratitude, Indra!

Ann G, Online Winter 2021

The 300 hour teacher training with Indra Yoga Institute was truly life changing. I went into the program knowing I would learn about yoga, ayurveda, asana sequencing, and social justice, but I wasn’t prepared for how much more the training would teach me. The content was comprehensive. The instructors are brilliant. I feel really connected to the roots and spiritual aspects of the practice. I feel a deepened responsibility to support the healing of the world through my practice and my actions. There is a profound respect for all beings that permeates every aspect of this program. I was able to be myself and explore topics in a safe and welcoming environment. 

As someone who has felt disconnected from my body, who has suffered from anxiety and feeling inadequate, I never felt like I truly belonged anywhere. Not only did I feel at home in the program, as the instructors are kind and supportive in addition to being brilliant, it has helped me feel at home within myself and within the world. I will carry the friendships, the love, and the teachings with me always. This program has given me a clearer path home. I will be forever grateful. Highly recommended.

Hayley H, Online Winter 2021

When I first started this training with Indra, I’ll admit I didn’t know what to expect. I was doubtful of my ability to connect or learn well through a screen, and honestly a little sad about being so separate from the people I would be learning with. 8+ hours a day of screen time seemed daunting, and I’m not a very technologically advanced person. 

From the moment of the first cycle ceremony, I felt a wave of love and joy. I could tell in each face of each zoom home that these people were here to connect and share just as much as I was. From the humor and wisdom of the staff, to the curiosity and dedication of my fellow students, I felt the deepest gratitude. It’s not about where you are at the moment, it’s about who you’re sharing that time with. 

I know that through this program, I’ve made lifelong friends and met mentors that will be with me as I grow and learn for years to come. 

I am truly grateful for this experience, for finding a pod of souls who deeply celebrate the full spectrum of the practice of yoga, and for the light that each of these little star beings shines.

Marissa A, Online Winter 2021

Before the training started, I was really excited about the variety of topics it was going to cover, but a little hesitant about the fact that it was going to be online. I was afraid I would miss the group connection of an in-person training. Now that I’ve completed the training, I can tell you, don’t let that stop you! The facilitators are extremely passionate about their subject areas, and both their commitment and the format of the training resulted in the kind of connection to the other participants that I was afraid would be missing. While I can’t speak for everyone, let me just say that I wasn’t the only one crying at the closing ceremony…

What I got from the program: 

I have been a yoga instructor for around seven years, and had what I believe was a pretty good “tool bag.” However, I gained so many more tools to support my teaching. I gained confidence in my ability to teach to everybody, and every body.  

More importantly, I also gained a lot of personal clarity about what’s important in my life: 

A deeper connection with people. Deeper conversation. My personal relationships and my relationships to the students and athletes at the college where I teach and coach. I’m not exaggerating when I say this training has changed my life. Through the work in this training, I got in touch with my heart, what makes it sing, what makes it happy. For me, it’s connection and love. And I learned a lot about how to create that in my life. 

 From my experience, I believe this training is not just for yoga teachers – it’s valuable for anyone who works with other human beings and who wants to serve.

Tanya B, Online Fall 2020

Have you ever left the dinner table full of nourishment and wisdom? For years I’ve walked this land malnourished. Having a seat at the table of Indra Yoga Institute, each facilitator carefully prepared a warm round of intellect, philosophical stories, powerful quotes, healing movement, big belly laughs, deep compassion, with a side of vulnerability. Have you ever been poured into? Was it full of quality, professionalism, integrity, tenderness, availability, flexibility, diversity, and creativity? Indra has demonstrated all of these qualities at the table.  So for that, I am grateful and still digesting the newfound love and forever friendships. I am a proud Alumni Student of Indra Yoga Institute.

Alejandro D, Online Fall 2020

Indra provides us with a container crafted with such intention and humility, facilitators embodying the same level of devotion to their respective strengths, and peer learners with whom you will laugh, cry, and share countless moments over Zoom. Indra’s Online YTT is a testament that, in spite of distance and personal challenges, we all have the power to co-create and reimagine both not just physical, but digital landscapes for our individual and collective growth. – Alejandro (they/them)

Aly S, Online Fall 2020

For Indra Yoga Teacher Training Institute, I can only speak from my heart when I comment on the 300-hour teacher training. 

I was a little apprehensive about learning such a complex study online, not just because of my elementary tech skills, but wondering if it could elicit the same life-changing occurrences that I felt after my ‘immersion’ during 200 hours. I never doubted Anita Sundaram, as her knowledge is beyond deep and powerful, and Anita was my 200-hour teacher, so that was massive reassurance. Bonnie was prompt in responding, when I enrolled, and assured me that she would be on hand, whenever, however, and I have to say, Bonnie is a diamond at being the backbone of this learning platform. I hadn’t shared space with the other teachers, but they are incredibly inspiring. I have expanded, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The challenges are worth all of it. The fellow teachers were inclusive and,  even though my UK times didn’t always allow me a chance to be live, I easily made up lesson times. The connections, the learning, the new friends, and the support of all the teachers, made this a one in a million experience, and I would, without a shred of doubt, highly highly recommend Indra Yoga Teacher Trainings, to all. It is inclusive, open, and offers the deepest and most impressive platform of teaching. I’m so pleased I did it! I now want to do more!

Sam M, Online Fall 2020

I am so thankful for the day one of my best friends mentioned Indra Yoga Institute to me. While the world has felt upside down this past year, I was really looking for a deeper connection with myself and other like-minded individuals. Once I looked into the amazing facilitator team and the subjects we would be studying, it was hard for me to shake this 300-hour program from my heart and mind. What I found was honestly so much more than I had anticipated. I found a deep level of connection with my cohorts: we laughed, cried, and shed our layers together. The facilitators don’t just teach you about these ancient wisdoms. What’s more, they authentically embody what they teach. In a time when there is so much injustice in our world, we had a safe container to talk about Social Justice and Trauma-Informed yoga. Indra had everything I was looking for from studying the sutras, mantra, meditation, asana sequencing, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda. Most importantly, all of these teachings reminded me to nourish myself and move inward and yoke back to my inner light.

Erin S, Online Fall 2020

This training offered so much deep transformative healing in 9 weeks. I didn’t expect to develop the connections that I would have in an online setting. Over this journey, I created new friendships from all over the world, a deeper connection to myself, and how I want to show up in this life. The teachings from each facilitator offer so much value on how to become a more well-rounded instructor and offering new ways of approaching yoga from a more mindful, conscious lens honoring where yoga comes from and how to be a better person in the world. I am forever grateful that I got to be apart of this training and I would do it over 10 more times if I could! 

Tracie W, Online Fall 2020

I was skeptical of an online teacher training program, but that was all that was available to me and the program ended up exceeding my wildest expectations!!! With Indra, I found my ‘camp’, ‘community’, and ‘co-creative experience’ and THEN some! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Mantra singing, cacao ceremony and ghee making, lots and lots of learning and lots and lots of laughter…and tears. I was able to share my story and those virtual hugs are the gifts that keep on giving as I am continuing my friendship and studies with my Indra classmates and even WIDER community of incredible Indra Alumni.

Tracy P, Online Fall 2020

I am so grateful to have found Indra and this online program that is truly immersive, interactive, and community-oriented.  Indra has carefully curated the learning experience so that participants can attend synchronous (live) sessions, or choose to complete the modules at their own time and pace asynchronously – in both contexts, participants are fully supported by the Indra team.  The Indra community of facilitators and students were wonderfully connected and supportive of each other.  As someone who designs learning experiences for both online and in-person contexts, I can say that this is one of the best examples of integrative and social learning that I have experienced, enabling me to be fully engaged throughout.  Thank you so much, Bonnie and the Indra family!

Meg C, Online Fall 2020

In the beginning…this felt very similar to previous trainings I have done…with the giant exception that we are in the middle of a pandemic and nothing is similar or the same anymore.  Over the weeks the tone changed as routine set in, a steady rhythm took over, and slowly but surely this group became family.  It is weird how 9 weeks crept up on us…it is so powerful to behold this newly chosen family of people who I have never met in person and also have never felt more held or seen by.  I cannot speak more highly of the Indra RYT 500 HR certification and its facilitators.  Bonnie was able to bring together a VERY large group of people who not only held a loving safe space but also unapologetically challenged each other. This group deeply considered and contributed to how we as a collective and as an individual will do our part to create a new paradigm in this world.  This is a must for those who choose the responsibility of passing along the teachings of yoga in its deepest forms.  If you want to be part of the change in this world, this training is for you.  Between the subject matter, the diverse group of facilitators, and our participation, there was no stone left unturned.  At the end of this training, not one of us is the same human we began as.  We are all human-becomings, manifesting into the death and rebirth cycle of every given moment. Like a phoenix, we have flown up from the ashes of our transformation into the next unknown.

Andrea M, Online Fall 2020

Indra Yoga Institute’s 300-hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training was more valuable than I ever could have expected. The unyielding commitment by the Indra team to honor the pledge of meeting each human where they are at is unparalleled. When seeking a collective that will help facilitate a deeper understanding of self and others, hold space for one to unlearn and stumble along the way, and encourage growth, one need not look any further. The content and discussion shared are timely, and I believe, critical to the forward momentum and healing of our world. Vibrant, compassionate, knowledgeable, big-hearted, and welcoming are just a few ways to describe the humans I was fortunate to make lifelong connections with as part of this experience, and I’m forever changed because of each of them.

Sadie H, Online Fall 2020

For yoga instructors seeking a wide-reaching, cosmic buffet of incredible facilitators offering all the tools necessary to upgrade the modern yogi tool belt, look no further than Indra Yoga Institute!! Even on Zoom, this is such a juicy offering, fully alive with teachings from practitioners who walk the talk and bring their passion to each gathering. These past 9 weeks have been a deep dive into sacred texts, ALL 8 Limbs, meridians, and Ayurveda. As well as vital conversations around social justice, non-violent communication, and yoga for trauma, addiction, & mental health. A multitude of seeds have been planted to deepen my own practice, as well as expand my offerings off the mat & out in these streets!! I am so grateful, nourished, and charged up with sacred activism, purpose, and hope.

Veronica S, Online Fall 2020

The online teacher training with Indra Yoga gave me even more than I expected. Every facilitator shared his or her passion in an inspiring and useful way and we became a powerful group even living far away from each other. I was surprised that through distance and via zoom, we could feel so much connection, inspiration, power, vulnerability and more. This was a perfect way to learn new tools and to be supported on my path in these times that we cannot travel as before. Together we shared a field of knowledge where everyone of us had an unique place. I leave with more answers, more questions, more dreams and a deeper truth in walking the path that I am here to walk. Thank you is not enough to express my gratefulness. I highly recommend this training.

Caitlin J, Online Fall 2020

The single best thing I’ve done to expand my offerings as a teacher and deepen my personal yoga practice is Indra Institute’s 300-hr YTT. I learned and grew so much in the 9-week course. The facilitators were all incredible, approachable, available, and inspiring. The other participants quickly became my sangha, my chosen family, and my support. This program is the perfect way to expand your understanding of trauma-informed instruction, learn and live an Ayurvedic lifestyle, and gain the tools to use yoga in the fight for social justice. I highly recommend this program. I cannot overstate its impact on my life or how wonderful Bonnie and her team were throughout the process.

Veronica F, Online Fall 2020

It is difficult to find the words to describe how grateful I am for this training. As someone who wouldn’t have been able to participate in an immersion program, I was so happy to find a program where I could work full time and still participate. The facilitators of this training are incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and passionate. So often after a session, I would sit in awe of the expansion experienced in just a short 2 hr session(SO many “mind blowing” moments!!). I am incredibly grateful to Bonnie and the entire Indra team for making this training so energizing even through the screen and for covering topics I think we need to speak more about within the yoga community. The trauma informed and social justice modules were apt for being able to go back into our communities and make a difference. I feel so lucky to have taken the leap earlier this year. This training has changed my life and without a doubt made me a better teacher for any student that attends class.

Monica S, Online Fall 2020

This training came across my feed and it peaked my interest so I did a little research. The whole experience was thoughtful and thought-provoking.  From speaking with Bonnie prior to signing up, to participating in the breakout rooms and hands-on classes, even doing the home play and up until the final ceremony, the topics were thoughtful, rich, and diverse. I feel so blessed to have studied with such knowledgeable and caring teachers and held space with many lovely souls on this journey. This is truly a magical experience.

Tori B, Online Fall 2020

The experience I had with Indra Yoga Institute, its magnificent facilitators, and my dear friends of the Fall 2020 online cohort was genuinely life-changing. In the middle of the pandemic when I felt lost and disconnected, Indra became not only a soft place to land but also solid ground on which to grow. The curriculum of this program is unparalleled. From the philosophy of the Sutras to the current day applications of trauma-informed yoga and social justice and everything in between, this program has left me so fulfilled and inspired, only wanting to learn more. I cannot recommend Indra Yoga Institute highly enough for anyone wanting to learn and to take their next step forward. Thank you wholeheartedly for this epic opportunity and experience

Hayley G, Online Fall 2020

My experience with Indra has been nothing short of magical & life-changing. The beauty of this training was the love and kindness that was exemplified by the Indra community. The wisdom and knowledge of the Indra Team and everybody apart of the training displayed was incredible and allowed me to really go inward in a way I have never experienced before. This training has created a positive shift in my asana practice and opened the doors to a daily meditation practice for me which is something that I have had a hard time tuning into in the past. I have so much compassion for this experience and would sign up for Indra again in a heartbeat. This journey of connecting to my soul has been incredible and the end of the training only feels like the beginning of so many new possibilities.  

Marcia L, Online Summer 2020

My experience with Indra Yoga Institute exceeded my expectations. From my first interaction with Bonnie to graduation, the care, love and dedication of putting together an online platform that was organized, well thought out and transformative was life-changing.  The breadth of topics presented and the expertise of the team was amazing.  This program is not just about yoga, it’s about life-changing information to improve your life, your yoga practice and teaching as well as your impact in and around your community.  

Luna P, Online Summer 2020

This online program was very thorough.  I didn’t feel like we were online.  It was very convenient for the working person as well.  Videos are recorded so we can go back and review live discussions.  Breakout rooms allowed us to speak to others in the program without any delay.  The Asana practices were challenging, enlightening, perfectly paced, and encouraging.   The guest speakers were fantastic!  You will meet people from around the world and connect with them as if you were sitting right next to them.  This program provided so much information regarding philosophy, Ayurvedic practices, lifestyle, psychology, meditation skills, etc.  Our cooking class was so much fun and we didn’t even have to leave our kitchen!!!!  The weeks flew so fast.  This program will leave you wanting more.  It is perfect for the price.  The amount of knowledge I received from the instructors is absolutely priceless.  The asana labs are thorough.  You are taught concepts that no Personal Training, individual certificate program would be able to satisfy.  All subjects go together smoothly.  Indra was able to integrate all topics into a smooth transition from the action, study, and philosophy.   Teaching yoga in its true form uniting the body, spirit, and mind.  The Trauma-informed course taught us how to teach, prepare ourselves and others, yoga to heal our troubled minds and soul while positive psychology taught us more tools to handle the mental negative speak.  The meditation and philosophy talks were relatable to current moments while providing ancient wisdom on current topics.  Indra did a FABULOUS job providing such an incredulous curriculum during a pandemic.  I can’t wait to do it again.

Haunani D, Online Summer 2020

I had so many excuses why this 300-hours online Yoga Teacher Training wasn’t going to work for me.  After my initial inquiry, the founder of Indra, Bonnie, immediately was available to hold space and help me find clarity with all my doubts.  Her sincere connection and honesty allowed me to get out of my ego’s way and Trust the nudge to say, “Yes.”  In many ways, I doubted if an online program would feel as authentic, sacred, or genuine as an in-person training but now I can attest that it does.  Within the first week, not only was I comforted by my choice but my expectations were already surpassed.  The raw, real, and heartfelt discussions are as real as if we were in-person. The mentorship, community, and exceptional teaching staff has over-delivered in every way possible.  Indra’s 300-hour teacher training is exactly what I had been praying for — a training that doesn’t just focus on the mat but dives deep into the Sutras, the history, philosophy, and Ayurvedic lifestyle without watering it down.  This training is for the sincere student and teacher who is ready to go deep into the heart of Yoga and Ayurveda with teachers who are brilliant, honest, and non-attached to their own teachings.  An added bonus of the online format is the ability to re-watch a class that was mind-blowing and heart exploding. This added dimension allows me to go back and relisten to a teacher’s workshop which I wouldn’t get to do in-person.  The teachers and curriculum are so good I am already trying to figure out how to attend Indra’s month-long training in India so I can continue to learn and geek out with Bonnie and her incredible teachers.

Candace G, Online Summer 2020

Indra Yoga Institute provides a well rounded 300 hr training program that helps you better understand why you do what you do as a yoga teacher. I found the program super informative and helpful in various ways on things that I had never considered before. I look forward to applying my gained knowledge in trauma, anatomy, and yoga sequencing to providing more intentional classes to my students as well as for myself in my everyday life.

Anne R, Online Summer 2020

Indra Yoga Institute gave me experience and knowledge that I will carry through my life. Taking the 300 hour yoga teacher training class online was a seamless experience. Bonnie navigated the class with grace, kindness, and professionalism. I connected with my classmates on such a deep level, despite being online only. Through this class I learned about an Ayurvedic lifestyle, the yoga sutras, mantras, asana, trauma informed yoga, anatomy, yoga history and so much more. I recommend this class to everyone I talk to because it transformed my thinking and allowed me to become part of a warm and accepting community.

Michelle D, Online Summer 2020

My body feels alive and engaged!  My mind, the same!  Indra Yoga Institute’s 300 hours of online uber professional training is nothing short of spectacular with kind, loving, compassionate teachers and guest speakers who generously give their skills, time, and knowledge with humor and intellect.  It has been an amazing program and I’ve made so many new, like-minded friends in this online community! Get ready to take a deep dive into not only yoga but also your personal development as you discover your essence during this 50-day cross-disciplinary journey through the mind, body, spirit.

Alex D, Online Summer 2020

I am actually lost for words. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that an online course could be so incredibly rich and immersive. What I have learned is that virtual connection can be an incredibly powerful vehicle for learning and transformation. I am so honored and humbled by the intense dedication of every single teacher that has contributed to the course as well as Bonnie & Annie who have put their hearts into this being a success – Bonnie has been this silent angel waiting in the wings, only too ready to iron out any technical issues or add any additional information that we would find relevant. Just the deepest most profound thank you for giving such an abundance of information and inspiration.

Jenn B, Online Summer 2020

Indra’s 300hr Online Training wildly exceeded my expectations. For 8 weeks, the teaching team and community of dedicated yogis magically transformed my home office into a retreat center, filled with moving asana and mantra, spacious meditation, inspired discussions, and so much love. I appreciated the unique background, knowledge, experience, and point of view that each instructor brought to our sessions, and the guest lectures were so full of heart and spirit. My own transformation came from the space to be vulnerable, to be seen, and to know that my whole self was welcomed with compassion and love. 

Bonnie’s care and effort cannot be understated. She bravely and graciously navigated this new, virtual terrain, and I am grateful to witness and experience her authentic leadership and the inspired way she runs her business. Bonnie and Annie worked around the clock behind the scenes to make sure every question was answered and everything was delivered seamlessly. 

The dedication of ALL of Indra’s team was so evident, and I felt truly supported throughout this journey. I expected to learn more about teaching, but, as always with any yoga training, I learned so much more about myself — this personal growth is the true essence of yoga. We can only share what we know, and the program gave me space to embody this ancient wisdom in a new way. I (not so patiently) look forward to an in-person reunion where I can give a real-life hug to all of the faces I got to know so closely through the screen. 

The timing and format of this training felt like a gift from the Universe — one I’ll be cherishing for the rest of my life.

Meg S, Online Summer 2020

This was the best decision to embark on Indra’s yoga teacher training. Each facilitator is highly educated, culturally diverse, and passionate about what they teach. There are so many trainings to choose from and you can get lost on what direction to take. Indra is different in the most empowering and educational way. Indra is authentic, trauma and Ayurveda informed with a philosophical approach of what all brought us to this moment. I am forever grateful for Indra.

Regina H, Online Summer 2020

I am very happy to find Indra’s course, so blessed to be here and dive deeper! I dreamed of it before I knew it existed, so I kept Googling until I found it! If you are ready to dive deeper, dedicate, discover, learn, this is an amazing place for you, with a variety of wonderful wise radiant teachers. I am sure, your soul will be touched. And hopefully, after the course, you find the courage to be fully you and embody the deep wisdom you carry in your soul, that you can reach out your wings and fly towards your dream stars! Give, live, love, celebrate this possibility – human existence!

Courtney W, Online Summer 2020

It has been an honor to learn from and share with the Indra team and the amazing group of students in this 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training.  Bonnie and the team are inspiring and so diversely experienced in life and spirit.  I felt spirit and grace throughout the course. I greatly appreciated the diversity of the training including ancient and modern practices; Yoga Sutras, Ayurveda, Yoga Nidra, Positive Psychology, Trauma-Informed Yoga, and the integration of community responsibility and earth-honoring into the course. Thank you, Indra!

Hannah Z, India Winter 2020


Never did I think I would be swimming in the Arabian Sea, under the full moon, while the stars iridescently lit up at my feet.

Never did I think I would visit a world that the cows roamed free because they are considered sacred to their peoples, where the wild dogs and cats were so happily beach-bumming, where restaurants wanted you to overstay your stay, where street vendors trusted in you to come back and pay, and where no matter the heat, hundreds of beings would show up to pray.

Everyday. India is special. And I think it’s because it lives by the universe’s truth; the truths of our birthrights. That everything is sacred, everything is one. From the oceans to the animals, to the peoples, and the other realms; we are all one. That is yoga, that is Hinduism, this is Christianity, Buddhism, atheism, all beings! All things.

Thank you for holding the space and knowledge where I’ve experienced so much yumminess and strength within my practice. I’m walking away with a voice I hadn’t yet found, self-love that I’ve been searching for, for so long, and a light that has reconnected me to the spirit inside of me and around me. Wow.

Michelle Z, India Winter 2020


After completing an immersive and intense 25-day advanced 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Indra Yoga Institute, I’m feeling the very same gratitude as when I first arrived in India. This photo pretty much sums up what yoga teacher training means to me. This spot in our yoga shala overlooking the palm trees and flowers with the ocean and sound of the waves in the distance became somewhat sacred to me during our training. In those moments of finding stillness, oneness, and love with all that is…that is what yoga is really all about. Learning to be fully present and grateful. Releasing the samskaras ~thought patterns and behaviors~ that no longer serve us and allowing the floodgates of joy to open. Learning to join your breath and quiet the mind to find the oneness and connection of all things and the universe. Finding samadhi ~ the blissful union between yourself and all things. Recognizing that deep down everything beats at the same rate of love and being able to see that beauty and connection of it all.

Yoga is not about poses. It’s not about the people. It’s not about the places. It’s about going inward. Learning. Reflecting. Growing. Becoming. Transforming. Seeing the beauty in all. And most of all loving. Loving the process. Loving the journey. Loving all things. And especially loving yourself.

The transformation that takes place in the cocoon of an immersive YTT is hard to put into words, but it is without a doubt one of the most incredible experiences you can encounter.

Thank you to this community and platform that helps connect us all and inspire one another through the beauty of our experiences!

Betsy K, India

Davis S, India

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