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Minneapolis, MN

With a donut in each hand, anything is possible. -J.J

Annie Hayes is a yoga teacher, meditation guide, and wellness coach with certifications from the Mayo Clinic of Rochester, MN, and Yoga Center of Minneapolis. She holds an M.B.A. and is a national board-certified health and wellness coach (NBC-HWC).

A Healing Journey

When her sister was diagnosed with Stage Four lung cancer at 32, she and her young son moved into Annie’s home. Overwhelmed by the stress of juggling full-time work with the added responsibility of a sick loved one and her child, Annie sought an outlet. She knew that if she did not care for herself, she would not be able to care for those around her.

Already practicing yoga regularly, Annie reached for her yoga mat. She committed to practicing one hour every day, seven days a week to manage the stress, anxiety, grief, and sadness in a positive way. When her sister passed away, yoga saved her from grief and helped guide her through the transition. As she lay on her mat in Shavasana, sobbing next to her fellow students, she knew that she was meant to become a teacher in order to heal herself and others.

Since then, she has been called to inspire, teach, heal, and motivate the world around her by using yoga, meditation, nutrition, movement, and whole mind and body wellness. By integrating these principles with a little humor and heart, she has developed a unique and inclusive approach to tap into the heart, body, and soul, while remaining true to herself.

Yoga is for Everyone

Annie teaches creative vinyasa yoga with the goal of making people feel better. She has practiced yoga for more than 10 years and has been teaching for more than four years. A true believer that yoga is for everyone, Annie’s open and inclusive approach encourages ease, honesty, humor, compassion, and authenticity. She meets you on your mat and encourages you to accept where you are today while pushing you to improve tomorrow. Her goal of every class is simple: for you to feel better walking out than you did when you walked in.

Join Annie for an upcoming class. All humans and all levels are welcome. Bring a mat and a smile. Regardless of your shape, size, or ability, you will feel welcomed, and at home.

 Affordable Wellness for All

Annie’s passions extend beyond yoga to encompass a whole body, whole mind approach to wellness. This passion drove her to obtain her M.B.A and create Annie Hayes Wellness, a holistic approach to making wellness affordable and accessible to all.

A national board-certified health and wellness coach, Anne will serve as a skilled partner to help you identify the steps you need to take to improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and support you along the way. Whether you want to lose weight, change your habits, tackle life’s transitions with confidence, or just feel better, her goal is for you to feel better after every session.

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