Jeannine Cahill-Jackson
New York, NY

I want to live in a world there harm is not systemic, where love organizes society where the earth is respected, and where life is valued above all else ~Yung Pueblo


     Jeannine Cahill Jackson, (pronouns: she/her/hers) RYT 500, is a teacher and a student of yoga, meditation and Tibetan Buddhism. Jeannine believes these practices and wisdom traditions to be a tool for meaningful change in our world and one that should be shared with ALL.  Jeannine loves to share the practices of yoga and meditation with others to help them through difficult times, build a positive relationship with themselves and to reach their highest potential. Jeannine’s teaching style is to make each class accessible for every student and she tailors each offering to the needs, experience and abilities of the students. Jeannine uses teaching these practices as a way to share compassion and to care for others and help them do the same.  Her classes are offered in both English and Spanish.
     These practices found Jeannine when she came upon  Three Jewels , a studio in NYC, in 2018, at a time when she was seeking solace from toxic relationships and rejuvenation from burn out at work. What she found, was far more than she ever expected. Jeannine fell in love with these practices right away and took a 200 hour yoga teacher training at Three Jewels with Coco Kornizky and Allison Joy Phillips who first introduced her to the power these teachings have to crack your heart open and ignited the passion to continue to study these wisdom traditions and share them with all as an act of ultimate compassion. She continued her studies with Three Jewels, completing a 200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training in December 2019 and has completed the Asian Classics Institute 18 foundational courses in Tibetan Buddhism.  And in 2021 Jeannine graduated from the 300 hour Yoga and Ayurveda Immersion Training with Indra Yoga Institute, in which she also received extensive training in yoga as social justice, trauma-informed yoga, energetic sequencing and yoga for all bodies and abilities.
     Jeannine is currently the Director of the Outreach Department where she teaches and manages yoga and meditation programming at various non-profits throughout New York City, serving students that would not normally have access to these teachings due to socio-economic and other barriers. Jeannine was recently featured in a blog post of one of the non-profit partners: https://www.bflnyc.org/three-jewels-brings-yoga-to-barrier-free-living/
     When she is not teaching, she is working at a Supervising Attorney in the Housing Unit at The Legal Aid Society, Bronx Neighborhood Office, preventing evictions of Bronx tenants and helping to create stability and safety in their lives. https://legalaidnyc.org/stories/building-stronger-communities-in-the-housing-help-program/
Additional Quotes That Inspire Her Practice:

Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time ~ Maya Angelou

Anti-racism work that does not break the heart open cannot move people toward meaningful change ~Layla Saad

Never forget that Justice is what Love looks like in public ~ Cornel West

Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Action expresses priorities ~Mahatma Gandhi

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