Jessica Nagel
🚐 Nomad-Life | Homebase Portugal | Born in Germany

The moment you start walking, the path appears. ~ Rumi

Yoga + Personal growth | making dreams come true-expert

Encouring humans & myself to walk the path of life with joy, leaving a golden trail of light. Through restorative Yoga, Ayurveda, Cacao-Ceremonies, Yoga-Nidra and personal-development-tools we are seeking ways – for our every day lifes – to be able to hear the whisperings of the voice within and travel to the source of our true nature. And then to be brave enough to follow it.

My Heart-Projects such as Workshops, Retreats & Yoga Classes are rooted in the practise of Selflove, are bowing to the ancient wisdom of the Yoga tradition and are guided by knowing that we are loved and safe.

The Inka in Southamerica worship the nourishing warmth & light of the sun and call their Sun-God INTI. In deep graditude to the lands and teachings of the Andes and the Central- & Southamerican Continent, where I leanred so much, i named my project INTI YOGA, honoring the ancient wisdoms. May this remind us, of our own inner light. And may we be brave enough to show it, to shine it bright.

Website: www.inti-yoga.de   (coming soon in English :-))

Instagram: @jessy_inti_yoga

Facebook: jessyintiyoga


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