Karma Mayet

Karma Mayet • Artist, Educator, Mystic, MFA, RYT
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Karma Mayet is based in Brooklyn, New York and originally from Chicago, of Mississippi heritage.  Karma’s gift as a channel of ancestral spirits has informed her life since childhood. Sharing messages from family ancestors and elemental beings, she offers healing modalities grounded in Sacred Rootwork.  Her work with youth in community settings, arts education, and grassroots organizations for the last two decades facilitates the cultivation of peace through justice within relationships. As poet, composer/performer, educator, and yogi, Karma brings the same reverence for the Mystery to each modality.

Karma began practicing yoga as a child with her father, and throughout her life yoga has been a sanctuary. Her guidance in asana practice emphasizes whole-body breath awareness at all times, whether in a vinyasa practice, yin flow, or in sitting meditation.  Rooted in the transformative culture of Hatha Yoga and in her own ancestral traditions, she brings a holistic sensibility to support your unique journey, incorporating sound healing and aromatherapy. She’s the creator of the Rootsong™ system, a unique practice to release the resonance potential of the whole body by combining Roots music with traditional Hatha yoga and meditation. With organizations of all sizes, she shares the Rootsong process of somatic improvisation as a tool for transformation.

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