Kim Hankins
Mesa, AZ

"I was tired of feeling that I shouldn’t teach or take yoga classes because of my physical limitations, so I returned to the heart of the practice. What I found was a version of yoga that was sustainable and accessible for me. And something I didn’t expect -that I was able to cultivate a much more profound connection to myself and a deeper understanding of what yoga truly is: liberation."

Breathwork + Yoga

Kimberly Hankins, DMA, PD, RYT500 is a Violist, Violinist, and Trauma-Informed Yoga and Breathwork Facilitator. She empowers musicians to find freedom when performing through self-study, breathwork, and meditation. She found yoga about 13 years ago after overcoming a playing-related injury, and over the last few years has shifted her focus from asana to pranayama, apana kriya, and conscious breathwork. She received her Advanced Breathwork Facilitator certification through Revelation Breathwork in 2020, and is an active member of Yoga Alliance and the International Breathwork Foundation.

As a violist and violinist, Dr. Hankins has performed as a soloist and chamber musician throughout the United States, Germany, Luxembourg, and Iceland. She is an outspoken advocate for musicians wellness issues, creating The Aligned Musician Podcast® in March 2019 where she works to end the stigma associated with playing-related injuries, chronic pain, and mental health struggles by providing a platform for musicians to share their personal journeys.

Dr. Hankins has a background in dance, yoga, and pilates, and during her academic pursuits completed a wide variety of trainings and certifications regarding: postural anatomy, corrective exercise, fitness training, nervous system regulation, yoga, and musicians wellness. Having studied with multiple Karen Tuttle students, she builds upon this pedagogy with an understanding of kinesiology to help students play with ease. She lead the ‘Movement for Musicians’ workshop series from 2019-2020 at Arizona State University, which focused on movement, breath, and meditation practices to avoid repetitive stress injury and performance anxiety. In Summer 2019 she was a guest presenter at Oh My Ears music festival, and in Summer 2020 was a guest Yoga for Musicians teacher for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestral Institute.

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