Kim Hankins
Mesa, AZ

"I was tired of feeling that I shouldn’t teach or take yoga classes because of my physical limitations, so I returned to the heart of the practice. What I found was a version of yoga that was sustainable and accessible for me. And something I didn’t expect -that I was able to cultivate a much more profound connection to myself and a deeper understanding of what yoga truly is: liberation."

Breathwork + Yoga

Hi! My name is Kim Hankins and I am a trauma-informed ryt500 yoga and breathwork facilitator.


I enjoy teaching a wide range of practices and offer challenging asana, relaxing yin, sound meditations, and live virtual breathwork circles.


I started practicing yoga about 14 years ago, and what was initially something I did to help me physically feel better in my body, became a central part of my life and identity. Yoga isn’t just a physical practice, it’s a spiritual, energy-focused, meditative, and liberating practice that can be practiced by anyone. My desire is to share the joy that is my yoga practice, and hope that it informs and inspires your own creative yoga experience.


Practice with me! patreon.com/breatheandarrive

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