Paige Davis
Santa Cruz, CA

My name is Paige and I am a 500hr Ayurveda, Trauma informed, classical lineage, and social justice yoga instructor.


My journey with yoga began a year before I decided to get my certification. I picked up a book about meditation and mindfulness, and it completely changed my perspective on life and sent me down a beautiful new path. On this path, I found yoga, a meditation in movement. For the first time in my 22 years, I felt my breath and my body move as one. I felt the connection between my mind and body, and I felt whole. I entered what I know of now as a flow state, and it was pure bliss. That’s when I fell in love.


Fast forward two years later, I decided to travel the world teaching yoga and sharing it with others. I traveled throughout Europe and Asia, learning as much as I taught-always a student . I created a website called Paige’s Prana to share the love of yoga and mindfulness that I have learned, with others. I teach a traditional route, bringing yoga’s true roots forth in the western part of the world. I am honored and humbled to teach and share this ancient practice as a western woman and wish to keep that essence in my practice.


I would love to meet you! Follow me on Instagram or message me on Whatsapp!

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