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Haunani [how-naan-nee] was born to be in medicine and spread Aloha around the globe.   As a Licensed Acupuncturist and International Yoga and Ayurveda teacher, trainer, and mentor, she is proud to have taken the path less traveled so she can step into the sacredness of life and share a perspective of medicine allopathic doctors tend to ignore–your sacred wholeness.  As a natural connector, she loves building bridges between health care and self-care, modern medicine and ancient healing medicine, the external and internal, science and spirit.

Due to her own unrelenting digestive challenges growing up (that eventually lead to full body pain and cystic acne) and a deep curiosity with ancient healing traditions from around the globe, she’s fascinated by the topic of human potential and healing.  Not curing…healing.  Haunani first learned of and began to self-study Ayurveda as a teenager.  For the first time, she was relieved to know there was a system of medicine that seemed to understand she was not “broken.”  Nearly a decade later, the path of Yoga entered her life. Nothing has been the same since.  For the past 17 years, she’s dedicated her life to the ancient wisdom traditions of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Chinese Medicine.  

Haunani is an alumni of Pacific College of Health Sciences, Kerala Ayurveda Academy, International Feng Shui School, Indra Yoga Institute, Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts, Longwave Yoga SUP Yoga Teacher Training, Radiant Child Yoga Teacher Training, Connected Warriors Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training, and has spent thousands of hours learning and apprenticing with teachers in various lineages of Yoga and ancient healing traditions.  She is an inspiring teacher who makes Asian medicine easy-to-understand and practical so you can make positive changes to heal from the inside-out immediately and make the most out of your day, season, and life so you can truly be the change you wish to see in yourself and the World.  As an eternal optimist who loves people and the sacredness of life,  she is more than a Licensed Acupuncturist and experienced Yoga and Ayurveda teacher,  she is a Modern Medicine Womxn dedicated to supporting women across the globe to simplify the complexities of modern life, step back into the sacred, and find mindful connections with self, others, and nature.


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