Dr. Manoj Chalam


YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Murtis And Vedanta

More About Dr. Manoj Chalam

Manoj uses an entertaining storytelling style using Hindu/Buddhist deities in his workshops to illuminate deep Vedanta philosophy and help people in their hero’s journey. An Indian-born scientist with a Ph.D. in Chemical engineering from Cornell University, Manoj helps individuals find their archetypes in Hindu Yogic deities and teaches the 5 practices to work with their archetype as a Vedantic practice. He has also compiled a book on the symbolisms of Hindu and Buddhist deity archetypes.

Manoj is in the business of storytelling to inspire people. Manoj was interviewed recently by the Ram Dass foundation for their podcast on “The Deities”.  Manoj, Jyothi, and Kurt have created an “online ashram” under Patreon. Manoj’s workshops are usually 70% lecture & team practices, 15% archetypical deity yoga meditations, 10% Mantra chantings and 5% light spiritual stretches.

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