Nell-e Mateo Medina


Nell-e has been practicing Yoga for 15 years, and began exploring the paths of Yoga in 2020, completing his 200 hour teacher training to certify and formally began teaching. Nell-e subsequently attended a 300 hour training in Peru in August 2022, with Indra Yoga Institute.

In Nell-e’s words:

In 2015, I began to question my understanding of life and our purpose in the world and the suffering that I experienced when my brother-in-law was diagnosed and then suddenly died of cancer. During that time, I remembered all the loved ones I superficially believed I’ve lost in the past and every time these memories and emotions come up, I suffer. I looked for answers, and that’s when I was met with the rich teachings of the Buddha through the Mahayana, Theravada, Buddhayana, Vajrayana and Zen traditions. I searched for a sangha (community) around me to guide me throughout the learning and practicing processes. I incorporate sitting meditation to my everyday life, walking meditation, mantras and mindfulness as a transformative practice and follow engaged practice as a way of a harmonized living or the middle way.

Because of my journey searching for answers and teachings, I believe I developed a deeper understanding of different faiths, not only in the Buddhist traditions, by transcending words and concepts and looking deeper into the faith itself. I have a long way to go but the openness of my heart is what helps me live with more curiosity and bewilderment toward different ideas and beliefs in the world.

In addition to the modalities I mentioned, that allows me to tap into mindful consciousness, I also practice healing through harnessing energy and holding space to empower others of self-healing. I’m a Trauma-informed Reiki practitioner within the context of core root teachings of Advaita Vedanta, Taptic Shaivism, consciousness studies, energy medicine, and somatic and mindfulness-based practices. I learned from 2 Western teachers from 2 different lineages and also from a teacher who came from a lineage that is called Jikiden Reiki which is practiced consistently although hidden in Japan since World War II until Reiki began resurfacing.  I’m very passionate about continuing my studies on the healing practices of Reiki as part of my aspirations to provide guidance to those who suffer. Part of my rigorous training with Reiki is my mother’s passing in October 2022. Aside from being the very first of my clients, she had been my inspiration to push through this journey. Her receptivity, hope, and benediction gave me more confidence and love for the system of Reiki and the healing it brings to myself and to those who openly receive it.

Outside of my work as a Cybersecurity consultant, I’m also an aspiring talent in the visual arts such as photography, videography, drawing, and painting. I also love storytelling about kindness. I promote whole food plant-based nutrition and I love to share my knowledge and understanding of the many easy and accessible ways we can heal and make this world better for the next generations to come.

I believe in the kind nature of all beings in this world. I’d like to remind the world of our true compassionate nature. In order to continue doing this, I must continue to grow and educate myself as if I will live forever.

“Kindness is my faith, Compassion is my belief”

~ Nell-e Mateo Medina

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