Meet Nico LeBlanc




Black Liberation minded. Lover. Healer. Adventurer. Yogi. Educator. Student. Artist. Round the way BEing.

Passionate Advocate for Marginalized Communities. Artistic Yogini. Sociological Scholar. Creative. Poetic. Disruptive.

Nico identifies as a Black, Queer, Non-Binary, First-Gen child of immigrants from the Caribbean who is navigating life in the peculiar realm of America.

A passionate yogi, writer, advocate and sociologist whose primary focus is to create a positive, empowering experience that facilitates vulnerability and healing for others and HerSelf. Nico is committed to the uplift, self-care, health and vitality of all.

Nico currently is a Career Counselor at Columbia University, a certified yoga instructor and an adjunct sociology professor. Nico holds a Master of Arts degree in Sociology, Education and Policy from Teachers College at Columbia University. In addition, Nico is also a music lover and DJ.

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