Stephanie is a 500 hour certified yoga instructor with a focus in Ayurveda, trauma informed yoga, and social justice.  Stephanie began her yoga practice in 2009 to help ease her chronic hip and back pain. Later diagnosed with SLE-Lupus in 2018, Stephanie quickly found a deeper meaning and purpose within her yoga practice. Her passion for self-healing, rediscovery, ancestral and generational healing, lead her to complete a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 in Orlando, Florida and additional trainings focused on alignment for all bodies, Thai yoga, Ayurveda, trauma-grief-and emotional body informed yoga, mystic and indigenous studies, intuitive energy healing, and completing a 300-hr yoga and Ayurveda teacher training in 2021 with Indra Yoga Institute. 

Stephanie found a passion for teaching with an intuitive and friendly attitude with the intention of empowering students to feel comfortable, confident, and self-aware of their own inner healing wisdom and intuition. 

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