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Betsy K, India

Davis S, India


Marcia L, Online August 2020

My experience with Indra Yoga Institute exceeded my expectations. From my first interaction with Bonnie to graduation, the care, love and dedication of putting together an online platform that was organized, well thought out and transformative was life-changing. The breadth of topics presented and the expertise of the team was amazing. This program is not just about yoga, it’s about life-changing information to improve your life, your yoga practice and teaching as well as your impact in and around your community.


Haunani D, Online August 2020

I had so many excuses why this 300-hours online Yoga Teacher Training wasn’t going to work for me. After my initial inquiry, the founder of Indra, Bonnie, immediately was available to hold space and help me find clarity with all my doubts. Her sincere connection and honesty allowed me to get out of my ego’s way and Trust the nudge to say, “Yes.” In many ways, I doubted if an online program would feel as authentic, sacred, or genuine as an in-person training but now I can attest that it does. Within the first week, not only was I comforted by my choice but my expectations were already surpassed. The raw, real, and heartfelt discussions are as real as if we were in-person. The mentorship, community, and exceptional teaching staff has over-delivered in every way possible. Indra’s 300-hour teacher training is exactly what I had been praying for — a training that doesn’t just focus on the mat but dives deep into the Sutras, the history, philosophy, and Ayurvedic lifestyle without watering it down. This training is for the sincere student and teacher who is ready to go deep into the heart of Yoga and Ayurveda with teachers who are brilliant, honest, and non-attached to their own teachings. An added bonus of the online format is the ability to re-watch a class that was mind-blowing and heart exploding. This added dimension allows me to go back and relisten to a teacher’s workshop which I wouldn’t get to do in-person. The teachers and curriculum are so good I am already trying to figure out how to attend Indra’s month-long training in India so I can continue to learn and geek out with Bonnie and her incredible teachers.

Jenn B, Online August 2020

Indra’s 300hr Online Training wildly exceeded my expectations. For 8 weeks, the teaching team and community of dedicated yogis magically transformed my home office into a retreat center, filled with moving asana and mantra, spacious meditation, inspired discussions, and so much love. I appreciated the unique background, knowledge, experience, and point of view that each instructor brought to our sessions, and the guest lectures were so full of heart and spirit. My own transformation came from the space to be vulnerable, to be seen, and to know that my whole self was welcomed with compassion and love. Bonnie’s care and effort cannot be understated. She bravely and graciously navigated this new, virtual terrain, and I am grateful to witness and experience her authentic leadership and the inspired way she runs her business. Bonnie and Annie worked around the clock behind the scenes to make sure every question was answered and everything was delivered seamlessly. The dedication of ALL of Indra’s team was so evident, and I felt truly supported throughout this journey. I expected to learn more about teaching, but, as always with any yoga training, I learned so much more about myself — this personal growth is the true essence of yoga. We can only share what we know, and the program gave me space to embody this ancient wisdom in a new way. I (not so patiently) look forward to an in-person reunion where I can give a real-life hug to all of the faces I got to know so closely through the screen. The timing and format of this training felt like a gift from the Universe — one I’ll be cherishing for the rest of my life.


Candace G, Online August 2020

Indra Yoga Institute provides a well rounded 300 hr training program that helps you better understand why you do what you do as a yoga teacher. I found the program super informative and helpful in various ways on things that I had never considered before. I look forward to applying my gained knowledge in trauma, anatomy, and yoga sequencing to providing more intentional classes to my students as well as for myself in my everyday life.


Anne R, Online August 2020

Indra Yoga Institute gave me experience and knowledge that I will carry through my life. Taking the 300 hour yoga teacher training class online was a seamless experience. Bonnie navigated the class with grace, kindness, and professionalism. I connected with my classmates on such a deep level, despite being online only. Through this class I learned about an Ayurvedic lifestyle, the yoga sutras, mantras, asana, trauma informed yoga, anatomy, yoga history and so much more. I recommend this class to everyone I talk to because it transformed my thinking and allowed me to become part of a warm and accepting community.

Michelle D, Online August 2020

My body feels alive and engaged! My mind, the same! Indra Yoga Institute 300 hour online uber professional training is nothing short of spectacular with kind, loving, compassionate teachers and guest speakers who generously give their skills, time and knowledge with humor and intellect. It has been an amazing program and I’ve made so many new, like minded friends in this online community! Get ready to take a deep dive into not only yoga, but also your personal development as you discover your essence during this 50 day cross-disciplinary journey through the mind, body, spirit.

Meg S, Online August 2020

This was the best decision to embark on Indra’s yoga teacher training. Each facilitator is highly educated, culturally diverse, and passionate about what they teach. There are so many trainings to choose from and you can get lost on what direction to take. Indra is different in the most empowering and educational way. Indra is authentic, trauma and Ayurveda informed with a philosophical approach of what all brought us to this moment. I am forever grateful for Indra.

Alex D, Online August 2020

I am actually lost for words. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that an online course could be so incredibly rich and immersive. What I have learned is that virtual connection can be an incredibly powerful vehicle for learning and transformation. I am so honoured and humbled by the intense dedication of every single teacher that has contributed to the course as well as Bonnie & Annie who have put their hearts into this being a success – Bonnie has been this silent angel waiting in the wings, only too ready to iron out any technical issues or add any additional information that we would find relevant. Just the deepest most profound thank you for giving such an abundance of information and inspiration.

Courtney W, Online August 2020

It has been an honor to learn from and share with the Indra team and the amazing group of students in this 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training. Bonnie and the team are inspiring and so diversely experienced in life and spirit. I felt spirit and grace throughout the course. I greatly appreciated the diversity of the training including ancient and modern practices; Yoga Sutras, Ayurveda, Yoga Nidra, Positive Psychology, Trauma Informed Yoga and the integration of community responsibility and earth honoring into the course. Thank you Indra!

Regina H, Online August 2020

I am very happy to find Indra´s course, so blessed to be here and dive deeper! I dreamed of it before I knew it existed, so I kept Googling until I found it! If you are ready to dive deeper, dedicate, discover, learn, this is an amazing place for you, with a variety of wonderful wise radiant teachers. I am sure, your soul will be touched. And hopefully, after the course, you find the courage to be fully you and embody a deep wisdom you carry in your soul, that you can reach out your wings and fly towards your dream stars! Give, live, love, celebrate this possibility – human existence!

Luna P, Online August 2020

This online program was very thorough. I didn’t feel like we were online. It was very convenient for the working person as well. Videos are recorded so we can go back and review live discussions. Breakout rooms allowed us to speak to others in the program without any delay. The Asana practices were challenging, enlightening, perfectly paced, and encouraging. The guest speakers were fantastic! You will meet people from around the world and connect with them as if you were sitting right next to them. This program provided so much information regarding philosophy, ayurvedic practices, lifestyle, psychology, meditation skills, etc. Our cooking class was so much fun and we didn’t even have to leave our kitchen!!!! The weeks flew so fast. This program will leave you wanting more. It is perfect for the price. The amount of knowledge I received from the instructors is absolutely priceless. The asana labs are thorough. You are taught concepts that no Personal Training, individual certificate program would be able to satisfy. All subjects go together smoothly. Indra was able to integrate all topics into a smooth transition from the action, study, and philosophy. Teaching yoga in its true form uniting the body, spirit, and mind. The Trauma-informed course taught us how to teach, prepare ourselves and others, yoga to heal our troubled minds and soul while the positive psychology taught us more tools to handle the mental negative speak. The meditation and philosophy talks were relatable to current moments while providing ancient wisdom on current topics. Indra did a FABULOUS job providing such an incredulous curriculum during a pandemic. I can’t wait to do it again.


Hannah Z, India February 2020

Never did I think I would be swimming in the Arabian Sea, under the full moon, while the stars iridescently lit up at my feet. Never did I think I would visit a world that the cows roamed free because they are considered sacred to their peoples, where the wild dogs and cats were so happily beach bumming, where restaurants wanted you to overstay your stay, where street vendors trusted in you to come back and pay, and where no matter the heat, hundreds of beings would show up to pray. Everyday. India is special. And I think it’s because it lives by the universe’s truth; the truths of our birthrights. That everything is sacred, everything is one. From the oceans, to the animals, to the peoples, and to the other realms; we are all one. That is yoga, that is Hinduism, this is Christianity, Buddhism, atheism, all beings! All things. Thank you for holding the space and knowledge where I’ve experienced so much yumminess and strength within my practice. I’m walking away with a voice I hadn’t yet found, self love that I’ve been searching for, for so long, and a light that has reconnected me to the spirit inside of me and around me. Wow.


Michelle Z, February 2020

After completing an immersive and intense 25-day advanced 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Indra Yoga Institute, I’m feeling the very same gratitude as when I first arrived in India. This photo pretty much sums up what a yoga teacher training means to me. This spot in our yoga shala overlooking the palm trees and flowers with the ocean and sound of the waves in the distance became somewhat sacred to me during our training. In those moments of finding stillness, oneness, and love with all that is…that is what yoga is really all about. Learning to be fully present and grateful. Releasing the samskaras ~thought patterns and behaviors~ that no longer serve us and allowing the floodgates of joy to open. Learning to join your breath and quiet the mind to find the oneness and connection of all things and the universe. Finding samadhi ~ the blissful union between yourself and all things. Recognizing that deep down everything beats at the same rate of love and being able to see that beauty and connection of it all. Yoga is not about poses. It’s not about the people. It’s not about the places. It’s about going inward. Learning. Reflecting. Growing. Becoming. Transforming. Seeing the beauty in all. And most of all loving. Loving the process. Loving the journey. Loving all things. And especially loving yourself. The transformation that takes place in the cocoon of an immersive YTT is hard to put into words, but it is without a doubt one of the most incredible experiences you can encounter. Thank you to this community and platform that helps connect us all and inspire one another through the beauty of our experiences!


Natalie A, Bali February 2019

The Ayurvedic aspect of the training revolutionized my life. Ayurveda has inspired me to act with a new sensory-awareness as I make choices that in fact dictate my destiny. Learning Ayurveda re-affirmed universal principles that have always resonated true for me as true, it’s my new love, ceremony and reverence to everything being sacred. It teaches me how to cultivate and sustain balance, I turn to it for everything—in return I receive a vibrant self-loving flame in my soul, spiritual vitality, resiliency, an improving digestive system, new skin… self love/care rituals and most of all a new sense of direction and passage to channel my voice and services to the world. I have a new zest and enthusiasm for longevity and life and I continue to further my Ayurvedic education & practice to deepen my understanding of this ancient science and art and make it practical to others. The vision to unify ancient wisdom with modern day life, making self-healing and transformation accessible to all is present. My mission is to help activate the potency of collective illumination and the shared potential physically and spiritually to make magic within ourselves, others and the earth. I’m weaving projects that I will carry out into community centered in Ayurvedic inspired beauty, lunar magic, energy balancing, yoga and soon will be teaching at a retreat for the very first time. Today, I’m surrendered to my highest path as spirits shapeshifting vessel, to serve however spirit asks, missioning to restore the sacredness, sense of aliveness and oneness…. A mantra that I took with me, it serves my every moment, whether challenge or glory, every day I hear Anita’s voice sing in my heart and mind “what IS possible” here, today as I walk this path.


    "I love Annie"

    Bonnie Norton


    " I love my moms"

    Rumi Pup


    The few I’ve taken with Keena, I love it. She always brings that energy

    Lisa Williams


    Had the most amazing safe COVID outdoor morning class with Keena. She was amazing and accommodating to every experience level. The entire intent was to love your body and end with the energy you wish to foster. Such an authentic experience. Highly recommend.

    Abby Schultz



    Miranda knows exactly when to step in and when to step out so that the natural world can do the teaching. With her support I always feel held and inspired.



    Miranda's compassion shines through everything she does -- I've never felt someone listen so fully, or so helpfully.



    Miranda's entire life helps me to see what it's all about: living simply in awe and connection.



    With Miranda I felt safe to try headstand for the first time. She helped me to realize that I could find joy in the process, regardless of any "end result."



    Every time I spend time with Miranda I leave feeling centered, wise, and ready. I don't know how she does it but there's some magic in the air around her.



    Miranda's offerings are like no one else's. Once I sink into them, I never want to leave. After practicing with her even taking a sip of water becomes special.



    What I love most about Miranda's approach is the bottomless well of curiosity she draws from. She has an openness that shows me new doors, places where I see myself and everything around me as if for the first time.


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