Alexa DeRiggs
Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Love is not anything is possible. Love is everything is possible

Dedicated to taking her practice on and off the mat, Alexa is a student and teacher of Yin, Power, Hatha, and Vinyasa yoga. Drawing from her own practice of mindfulness and embracing the everyday imperfections of life, Alexa radiates within the space of gentle strength, self-inquiry, and radical self-love. A next-generation teacher Alexa blends Classic yogic principles originating in India and real-world experiences with breath, vibration, movement, and reflection – creating an accessible practice that is intuitive, challenging, grounded, and unforgettably wild. She acknowledges that yoga has been extremely commodified in the West and aims to uphold the initial intentions and sacredness of this spiritual South Asian practice.

After a few years of establishing a consistent and steady practice, Alexa quit her career in hospitality marketing and followed the path of becoming a yoga teacher in New York City. She completed her Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training at Loom Yoga, then under the guidance of Erika Mehiel, Alexa pursued her interest and trained in the study of yoga therapeutics at Usha Veda Yoga. Being a long time student of Erica Chen, Alexa completed an intensive mentorship where she had the opportunity to dive deeper into her own practice, learn the art of sequencing, the intention behind hands-on adjustments, and how to create space for empowerment as a yoga instructor.  Alexa has also completed Laughing LotusBridge to Lotus Flow training in addition to Usha Veda Yoga’s Yin, Restorative, and Yoga Nidra intensive. Taking her training to the next level, Alexa pursued her 300-hour training with Indra Yoga Institute alongside Raquel Bueno and Anita Sundaram in Portugal diving into Ayurveda, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Social Justice, and Yoga philosophy.

Alexa is currently working as crew on a charter yacht sailing through the Caribbean from Grenada to the BVI & USVI region. To join her on the Caribbean Sea and enjoy wholesome food and yoga, get in touch. Alexa holds a BA in Sociology and Women’s Studies from Colgate University, holds a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is a certified scuba diving instructor.

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