Distance Reiki Treatment with Nell-e

What are Sacred Soul Sessions?

Sacred Soul Sessions are individual coaching sessions that lead to an enhanced awareness and deepening relationship with self. A Sacred Soul Session is an active and internal investigation of self, a re-membering of your internal medicine to support increase in restfulness, mental peace, and emotional contentment. The sessions may include journeys through current and past e-motions and aspects of your life, as well as making changes in your personal perspectives and lifestyle. Some individuals may need only a few sessions to achieve their goals, while others may decide they require more long-term journeys. While I may make recommendations about the frequency or duration of sessions, you are in complete control and may end our relationship at any time. My services are grounded in holistic healing practices that involve the mind, emotions, body, and spirituality.

Holistic and Indigenous Practices

When a disturbing event occurs, it can get locked in the mid-brain (limbic system) with the original picture, sounds, thoughts, feelings and body sensations. The result is often Post Traumatic Stress, chronically depressed mood, and anxiety, as well as other medical and physical symptoms. Since such experiences are locked in the non-thinking part of the brain, it can be very difficult to talk or think yourself out of these debilitating experiences. We will journey with varied practices to help you release emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and relational trauma and hurt, as well as create new neurological pathways.

Fees and Services

Fees for services are $120 per 60-minute individual session and $60 per 30-minute session. Payment is required on the date of service and can be in the form of Venmo/cashapp/paypal. In the event that you will not be able to keep an appointment, please notify Dr. Dye in advance.

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