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 Yoga, Ayurveda & Trauma Informed

Virtual Immersion 300-hour Teacher Training

300-Hour Course Outline

Over the course of the 11-week program, become a Yoga Alliance 300-hour certified yoga teacher, allowing you to register as a 500-hour yoga teacher.
All classes are recorded and available in your personal interactive Thinkific course library so you can watch the replay of the class at your convenience.
3 Live days per week (Live days Wednesday, Friday and Saturday). See more details below.
Interact 1:1 with lead facilitator team, even when you are unable to attend live.
Contact us here for the full schedule and more details.

Meet the Indra Team

What Makes this 300 hour Teacher Training Unique?

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga
  • Yoga is Social Justice
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Foundational Training
  • African Studies and Practices
  • Mental Health Support: Yoga for Addiction, Yoga & The Brain & Yoga for Stress & Anxiety
  • The Roots of Asana: Raja Yoga with Inquisitive Approach to Unique Sequencing
  • Yoga and Meridians: Chinese Medicine & Acupressure
  • Yoga Philosophy: Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Sanskrit studies
  • Pranayama Workshop Series
  • Anatomy and Physiology- Pelvic Floor Focus & Pre/Post Natal workshops
  • Elemental Sacred Exploration and Ceremony work
  • Vedanta and Hindu Studies
  • Yoga for Bigger bodies/ Differently Abled bodies/ ALL Bodies
  • Little Nervous Systems- working with young people
  • Yamas of Ethical Business
  • Compassionate (working towards more decolonized) Non-Violent Communication
  • Environmental Impact Awareness and Activism
  • Community Leadership Support

Feb 4th- April 23rd 2023

300 hour Yoga, Ayurveda & Trauma Informed Teacher Training VIRTUAL

11-week immersion program. Live classes are recorded with interactive options to accommodate different schedules and time zones.

Meet the Team

Bonnie Norton - FounderFounder

Bonnie Norton

Bonnie’s passions led her to a role as director of the Mystical Yoga Farm in Guatemala, a sustainable permaculture...

Meet Bonnie

Dr. Cre Dye - FacilitatorFacilitator

Dr. Cre Dye

Dr. Dye is an Associate Professor in the Department of Counseling and Student Affairs. As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and a National Certified Counselor...

Meet Dr. Cre Dye

Angela (Dharma) Fears - FacilitatorFacilitator

Angela (Dharma) Fears

Skilled Ayurvedic Wellness practitioner and Yoga Therapist working with individuals and groups to design yoga, meditation and health programs. She is grateful for the opportunity to experience and connect people, land and ritual practices.

Meet Dharma

Haunani Chong Drake - FacilitatorFacilitator

Haunani Chong Drake

Haunani [how-naan-nee] was born to be in medicine and spread Aloha around the globe. As a Licensed Acupuncturist...

Meet Haunani

Veronica (Vir) Schwegman - FacilitatorFacilitator

Veronica (Vir) Schwegman

Vir connects with higher realms through sound, including gong baths and intuitive singing, also through kundalini yoga, writing poetry, and sharing rituals...

Meet Vir

Jessy Nagel - FacilitatorFacilitator

Jessy Nagel

Born in Germany, Jesse lived all across the globe, and finally found home as her sacred place within. Walking and sharing paths that lead towards this infinite, radiant and loving place within is her passion....

Meet Jesse

Jacqui Gibson-Clark - FacilitatorFacilitator

Jacqui Gibson-Clark

Jacqui Gibson-Clark is a RYT- 400 yoga instructor. She walked into her first yoga class (Jivamukti) in 2001 and fell in love with yoga. She has since practiced many styles including Iyengar, Anusara, and Kundalini Yoga.

Meet Jacqui Gibson-Clark

Thomas McConkie - FacilitatorFacilitator

Thomas McConkie

Thomas McConkie is the founder of Lower Lights School of Wisdom and has a passion for the world's Wisdom traditions. Raised LDS...

Meet Thomas

Emily Richards Nogawski - FacilitatorFacilitator

Emily Richards Nogawski

Emily Richards believes music is the most powerful language on earth, and it is that belief that has propelled the diverse depth...

Meet Emily

Sandhiya Ramaswamy - FacilitatorFacilitator

Sandhiya Ramaswamy

Sandhiya Ramaswamy, MBA CAS PKS, is an Ayurveda master teacher, practitioner and educator. For over a decade, she has had the privilege of helping hundreds of clients experience the transformative power of Ayurveda...

Meet Sandhiya Ramaswamy

Why Choose Indra?

Indra is dedicated to offering an immersion program far beyond a certificate or accreditation with Yoga Alliance. (while yes, we do offer Yoga Alliance Certified 300 hour / 500-hour certification)

Indra is committed to making Yoga and Ayurveda accessible for every BODY.

We work together to empower you as a community leader, supporting you in creating more equity and liberation in wellness spaces and beyond. 

Indra offers ongoing coaching and alumni resources far beyond the dates of the program. We are deeply invested in your professional and personal journey and supporting you to feel confident sharing the true essence of Yoga, far beyond asana. 

Unique syllabus and content offerings from 12+ industry leaders and wellness professionals. The Online 300-hour immersion program offers a 1:1 connection with far more facilitators than in-person immersion training could allow.

Indra Alumni graduates say it best.

Read testimonials to learn more about their experience.

Grant and Scholarship Program

Indra Yoga Institute is committed to celebrating diversity across races, ethnicities, belief systems, genders, sexual orientations, ages, body types, and abilities. We acknowledge a longstanding lack of representation in Yoga in the West and are dedicated to doing what we can to increase access to Yoga’s healing potential in communities of need and throughout marginalized populations. As a training institution, one of the best ways we can continue our commitment to increasing diversity in yoga spaces is by helping to grow a teaching community that is represented by people of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Curriculum Focus of This Unique Training

Yoga Therapeutics & Trauma-Informed Training

Deepen your understanding of how trauma affects the brain and the nervous system. Learn how trauma lives in the body and the healing potential available through embodiment practices and breathwork.  Create and maintain inclusive environments that support your student’s emotional exploration. Increase your awareness and sensitivity when working with trauma survivors and marginalized communities. Enhance your ability to share Trauma-Informed Yoga classes through inviting cues, consistent classes, and intentional necessary hands-on adjustments. Practical Somatic Experiencing exercises will be shared as well as sequencing techniques that support the nervous system.

Meridians and Chinese Medicine Studies

This is where we weave the philosophy together with anatomy and practices to create a sense of awakened understanding as an advanced yoga teacher. Apply the natural rhythms and subtle energies of the five elements to your life on and off the mat.  Begin to learn about the nadis and main meridians, as a pathway for the five elements.  Learn general movements that access the meridians, how the matrix of the 12 meridians of Chinese Medicine and five elements create and influence the “energetic effects” of your practices.  Learn and apply safe acupressure points along the meridians in your practice and daily life as part of your self-care routine.

Social Justice Responsibility

Yoga is Social Justice. Learn more about how to decolonize yoga, make yoga for ALL bodies, dismantle racism, identify cultural appropriation and support each other through the necessary work we have a responsibility to do as a community.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Ayurveda is considered by many scholars to be the oldest healing sister science to Yoga. Ayurveda places great emphasis on prevention and encourages the maintenance of health through close attention to balance. Throughout the training, you will be offered routines, techniques and practices to cultivate and share on your personal and professional life.


When the breath achieves the qualities of prolonged, deep, even and subtle, it is the state of Pranayama. Gain an in-depth understanding of the theory, practice, and teaching of pranayama and various forms of meditation. Through intermediate and advanced instruction, participants learn how to create a variety of pranayama sequences for specific needs. Accompanying the regular practice of pranayama are daily meditation practices exploring a variety of mindfulness techniques.

Community Leadership

Confident, skilled and knowledgeable leaders are needed to inspire, guide and foster dynamic organizations and communities. While we may be willing to give our time and talents to serve others, we must first cultivate the connections, skills and confidence to take on leadership roles. Together we will practice powerful non-violent communication skills, and further develop our personal visions for careers as wellness entrepreneurs.

Environmental Responsibility

Our goal at Indra Yoga Institute is to increase our awareness on all levels. At Indra, we dedicate time and resources to finding solutions to the environmental challenges facing us now and in the future. More science and more technology cannot get us out of our present ecologic crisis. A global awakening must take place to shift the current conscience. Through literature, poetry, dialogue, and practice, we uncover the power of yoga to connect all beings and bring about global change.

Wisdom Traditions

To guide the process of personal transformation we explore African studies and history, the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and so much more wisdom to help inform our actions in this world. As we become more aware of our history, we tap into our own source of creation and expression.

Personal Empowerment

Our ability to thrive creatively depends on the generosity we offer each other through sharing of knowledge and skills, resources and strategies. Immersion into the creative process is woven throughout the training. Within this safe and uplifting community we will explore how to deepen and share your personal creative voice through art, writing, music, dance, poetry and other forms of free expression.

Online Course Benefits

Deepen your own physical, mental, and emotional practice.

Meet Yoga Alliance’s facilitator requirements effective in 2022.

Stay home, stay safe, and minimize your carbon footprint.

Small group sessions with many 1:1 opportunities with facilitators.

Breakout rooms for colleague connection and practice.

Digital content, lifelong personal connections, and ongoing alumni support offerings for years to come.

We aim to support and empower you to amplify your platform and be inspired by the work of your peers, as you move into serving your community.

Join us in person for a future immersion training at a deeply reduced rate.


Weekly Live Class Schedule 

Three live days following the schedule below in Pacific Standard Time: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday throughout the 11-week immersion. We will have 2 weekends off.

4-6 hours of guided reading, listening, viewing, or interactive assignments across all of the focus topics of the program are assigned each Sunday morning to complete in Thinkific to prepare fully for the week ahead. Your lead facilitator team responds 1:1 to assignments, working with you in a very personalized way.

Customized plans can be arranged based on time zones, full-time work schedules, etc. We will work with you to make the program work if it is in alignment!

With the interactive recordings, you are able to stay connected with your colleagues and teaching team, even when you are unable to attend live.

Creative options to customize the schedule plan to allow for the greatest impact with the time you are able to attend live.

Tuition Cost:

$2600 Pay in Full or $2750 Payment Plan

($1000-$1150 USD less than Indra 300 hour Immersion Programs)

Substantial and Partial Grants are still available for the Feb 4th-April 23rd 23′ Online 300-hour Yoga, Ayurveda & Trauma Informed program.

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