8 Reasons Online Yoga Teacher Training May Be The Perfect Fit For You

8 Reasons Online Yoga Teacher Training May Be The Perfect Fit For You

Humans all across the globe are adjusting to changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. For yoga communities, the closures of studios and cancellations of Yoga Teacher Trainings and retreats has been a significant challenge. Fortunately, the resilience of the yoga community is evident in the creative and generous offerings springing up online.
For anyone considering taking an online Yoga Teacher Training, here are eight reasons we think now is the perfect opportunity to get started:

1. Online Trainings Approved by Yoga Alliance (For Now): For a limited time, Yoga Alliance has given its accredited schools the ability to conduct yoga teacher trainings fully online for YA certification. Up until March of 2020, the majority of any certified yoga teacher training course was required to be held in person. It is unknown whether Yoga Alliance will permanently or at least partially change this online allowance, but for now, this allows students to obtain their 200 and 300 RYT certifications entirely online.

2. More Facilitators Possible in One Training: By holding yoga teacher trainings in the virtual space, it becomes possible to bring together more advanced facilitators and content experts than typically feasible at an in-person immersion training. Students have the opportunity to explore many diverse topics and lineages with a more robust online facilitation team.

3. Explore New Themes Online In Real Time: An online yoga teacher training allows students to dive deeper into content topics while simultaneously participating in the course. With Google at their fingertips, students can research, gather, and share more knowledge than ever before. Also, course materials delivered digitally allows for easy saving and reference long into the future.

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4. Stay Safe and Protect Others: By staying home, students will not only protect themselves from potential Coronavirus exposure but also safeguard the precious communities around the world who frequently host yoga teacher trainings. As yoga practitioners, we work to bring healing and wellness to others; at this time, the best way to do so is by deepening our practice from the safety and comfort of home.

5. Prepare For Your Own Online Career: By learning in an online format, yoga teachers are not only taking in the material but learning how to conduct the best online programs themselves. This is an essential skill for nearly every wellness practitioner today. For yoga teachers wishing to bring their skills to the marketplace, this most likely will involve some type of online work. An online Yoga Teacher Training is the perfect environment to hone that skill set.

6. Work at Your Own Pace: An online yoga teacher training allows students to maintain a normal home and work life. For many individuals, it is impossible to take 25 days out of their normal schedules to fully immerse in this work. The best online courses offer some live format classes to connect the group energetically, while also providing pre-recorded and playback options to accommodate for various time zones and individual schedules.

7. Same Powerful Curriculum, Lower Costs: Online yoga teacher training can be offered at a lower cost making this training more attainable for a wider range of students. With the costs of travel including flights, transportation, room and board, visas, and other incidentals, in-person trainings can be prohibitive. Taking an online training allows students to fully certify and perhaps save enough cash for future retreats and trainings.

8. Immerse Your Home Life in Yoga: Incorporating an online yoga teacher training into regular daily life will have lasting effects. Rather than retreating to a foreign location, students who learn at home begin to experience a permanent and powerful merging of yoga study and life practice. With morning asana, mediation, and daily study, the home studio will become a wonderful daily reminder and opportunity to connect.

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