Soul Excursion

Soul Excursion

A Reminder that Exploration Is Your Super Power

By: Jeanine Talento

As we move about this incredible world, we are presented with the evident truth that the only constant is change. Sure, you’ve heard this before – but how skillfully are you accepting this truth statement? In our modern society, many of our systems and institutions are set up in a way that provide comfort, consistency, predictability, and pleasure. While these are sometimes enjoyable luxuries that can make life easier, they are also infamous for leading to complacency, boredom, and sometimes even apathy. With this one precious and sacred life to live – we must awaken to different perspectives and our own inner power in order to become the adaptable, open-minded, creative and inspired super-humans that we are meant to be. How do we facilitate this awakening?Travel.


Travel is the soul excursion that most dream about, but only some actually manage to make happen. Travel is the opportunity to explore the vast unknown and examine how other people live all while cultivating humility as we acknowledge just how small we are in this miraculous universe. The freedom to challenge your own conditioning and perspective is a super-power that can make you a better person and a more productive and empathetic earth-dwelling being.

For some, there are countless reasons to avoid leaving their comfort zone and challenge their own world view. This fear based reasoning only contributes to that underlying complacency and restricts the soul growth that every human being deserves to experience. Of course, the comforts of home are a valid desire to have – but travel challenges our attachment to that comfort. Of course, financial security is a valid concern and consideration – but travel challenges our attachment to that security. If you’ve ever traveled before you know that the pros always outweigh the cons.

Despite flights being delayed, bags being lost, rooms being small, language being a barrier, and other tough circumstances that often present themselves while traveling – we learn to navigate these inevitable changes better and better every time. Instead of the comfortable, consistent, and predictable life that we are used to – we are now confronted with discomfort, inconsistency, and unpredictability that requires us to adapt, open our minds, and get creative or inspired with different options to adjust. Reframing our thinking in this way as we navigate life helps our brain to develop and think outside of the boxes that we had previously been restricted to while simultaneously cultivating patience and a less reactive response to life’s constant ebbs and flows. This is how we begin to skillfully accept the truth statement that the only constant is change.

To travel is to take your soul on an excursion. To explore is to take advantage of your precious and limited time here. To embark out of your comfort zone is doing yourself and the world a favor. We can all afford to be humbled, challenged, inspired, and awakened. I invite you to release fear and accept with grace that the only constant is change. I invite you to take your soul on an excursion and take the voyage towards the unimaginable superhuman you are meant to be.